Homework Centre

The Galen Homework Centre has started again for 2012, after it’s success in 2011.  There was a great response with a number of students from all year levels accessing the class. Students are able to work in small groups with their peers and help each other or get one on one support from a wide variety of teachers who attend and give their time freely to assist students. It is held on the Senior Library each Wednesday Afternoon at 3:40pm to 4:45pm. An attendance role is taken however students are allowed to leave as early as needed. Some students may only require 30mins or so to complete a homework task. Some students have utilised the class from 3:40 to 4:30 and left early to attend their netball or football training over at the Barr Reserve. A great atmosphere has developed, we look forward to seeing more students attend in 2012.  If you have any inquiries they can be directed to

From the Students ….
“Homework Centre is a place to go with no distractions and with teachers ready to help and explain things easily about any homework you need to do. In homework class you will get more done that sitting at home with no help and distractions.”
Josh Wason

“ I go to homework centre occasionally if I need one on one help. It’s also a good place to make up time before heading over to the Barr for sport with my friends.”
Eliza Nolan

“I find the homework class very helpful because at home there are so many distractions and it is great having teachers for most subjects there to offer us help if needed.”
Maddie Mc Bain