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Galen dancers pull chunky moves at Australian Ballet

On the morning of Friday the 31st of May, Galen’s most talented dancers drove to Melbourne to better ourselves as performers. After a bus ride full of anticipation and some ‘interesting’ singing, we arrived at the Australian Ballet Company. Mr Ellis had organized a remarkable surprise; a tour of the acclaimed studios. We strolled through the costume room full of sequins, the picturesque pointe shoe room and then got a pointe shoe signed by the ballet master and world-renowned dancer, Stephen Heathcote. We then viewed the company rehearsing in some of the most wonderful dance studios we had ever seen. We met principal dancer Amy Harris and then turned a corner to see her husband, Jarryd Madden, doing jetés as high as some of us! We then drove to the architectural wonder that is the Chunky Move Contemporary Dance Company. After entering the mysterious angled building, we went up a flight of stairs to the very orange and large studio to complete a workshop with the eclectic and very talented, Luigi. He inspired us to remember that dance isn’t about grueling technique classes but rather expression and freedom. Through some contrasting exercises to our regular and stricter dance classes, Luigi had everyone dancing impressively including Mrs. Orton and Mr. Ellis! After a crazy but fun bus ride home, filled with immense gratitude to Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Orton, we pulled up to Galen after a day we would never forget!