Galen teachers inspired by Sir John Jones

Teaching staff at Galen Catholic college had the opportunity to hear from the inspiring Sir John Jones yesterday at Catholic College Wodonga. During three sessions, staff were challenged in terms of their current teaching practice and questions were raised about looking forward to the future, catering to the needs of students and the skills they’ll need for jobs of the future. “Over 50% of the jobs that currently exist won’t be around in the next generation, so our role as educators continues to become more and more important”, mentioned Catholic College Wodonga Principal, Darren Hovey.

A key theme during the day was ‘change’ and although this can be uncomfortable, change is necessary to engage and educate future minds. In the words of Sir John, “If we teach the children today the way we taught them yesterday, then we start to deprive them of their tomorrow.” Overall Galen teaching staff found the day to be truly inspiring and left with goals to implement in their classes immediately and suggestions to take to leadership with the aim of benefiting students and their contemporary learning needs.