Galen Wattle Seeds in Space

Galen Integrated Studies students are hoping to get the chance to grow some “Space Wattle”. 150 schools from across Australia will get to be part of this scientific study, where 1000 Golden Wattle Seeds will be sent to the International Space Station in November by a Space X Flight.  The seeds will stay up in space for 6 months before returning to Earth to be planted by selected schools. To get the chance to be involved schools had to enter a 200 word written entry and a short video.

The Galen students along with Ian Minns, put their case forward in this video, to explain why we would like some of the Space Seeds.

Schools will get notified on Nov 7th if they are one of 150 schools from across Australia to get the Wattle Space Seeds.

The wattle seeds are already in Japan and will soon be on their way to USA to launch on SpaceX in mid-November. The seeds will be in space from November to April/May, and will be sent to schools in time for National Science Week 2021.

For more info about the program head to:

And enjoy our video entry below: