GTAC – A Cocktail of Murder, Mystery, Fact & DNA

On Friday June 17,42 intrepid and highly analytical Year 9 students journeyed to Melbourne University High to participate in a very unique and hugely fascinating voyage into the world of Forensic Science.

For the past few years, Galen’s Science Department (and in particular, Bernadette Albertson), have ensured that Galen students have had the opportunity to experience the science and practical applications of DNA testing in the context of solving crimes.

This excursion began well before the break of day and it was with great wonder that all involved in this excursion were able to take in the breathtaking beauty of the moonlight shining off the Warby Ranges. What a way to start a school day!
Upon arrival at Melbourne Uni High, the Galen students were presented with a captivating discussion about the variety of forensic methods used to solve a murder investigation. Following this immersion in the theoretical field of forensic science students were then asked to investigate a fictitious murder crime scene. Students (read: Galen CSI) were required to gather & discuss evidence and then using the latest forensic science techniques analyse the evidence in an attempt to identify any killer at large.
As part of this investigation Galen detectives were required to collect and analyse blood, test the blood for DNA and then make conclusions as to from whom the blood may have bled.
Learning about blood types, alleles, genotypes, phenotypes and good, old fashioned skullduggery were key parts of this excursion. This was a great way to spend a school day! The Year 9 students who attended were both receptive and proactive in terms of having a good time as well as learning a lot about forensic science.
Thanks are extended to Bernadette Albertson, Lauren Lee and Brianna Schutt for their attendance, time and the organization that these staff members generously contributed to the day.