HeadStart – Information for Parents of Year 10 and 11 students

Galen Catholic College is pleased to announce the introduction of a HeadStart Program for 2011. The aim of the program is to begin instruction in VCE subjects in both Years 11 and 12 so students can commence the 2012 school year ready to do their best. These classes are compulsory.
HeadStart will begin at the conclusion of Year 10 and Year 11 exam period. Students will attend their new classes where they will be introduced to the coursework and begin the content involved. HeadStart orientation including the timetable for the two weeks will be given out in the first introductory session. Holiday homework tasks and preparation for School Assessed Tasks and Coursework will be given.
For Year 10 and Year 11 students the first day of Headstart will be Tuesday November 29th.  Students are expected to be in full school uniform (including hats) for the duration of the Headstart Program.
If you have any questions about the HeadStart program or would like more information please contact Mr. Darren Hovey, Mr. Paul Carson, Mr. Mick Grogan or Mr. Keith Willett.
The key dates are listed below:
17th November – 18th November:
Study Days– no formal classes for Year 11’s only
21st November – 25th November:
Year 10 and Year 11 Examination Week
28th November:
Report Writing Day – Student Free Day
29th November:
HeadStart classes begin
9th December:
Middle School End of Year Mass
Periods 3 and 4
9th December:
HeadStart classes finish
3rd February 2012:
VCE classes commence
8th February – 10th February 2012:
Year 12 Retreat – Howman’s Gap and Lake Hume
15th February 2012:
Year 12 Jumper Presentation Night – WPAC
March 2012:
Year 11 DECA Camps– Shepp & Dookie

Keith Willett
Middle School Director
Paul Carson
Senior School Director (2011)
Mick Grogan
Senior School Director (2012)