Italian Camp

With Italian Camp going into its 26th year, we knew we were going to have a fun filled 3 days. With many things on the agenda, it was going to be hard to find a minute spare. We had the privilege of having many Italians to help us improve our knowledge of the language like Linda and the other ‘assistenti’ from various schools in Victoria.

The first day we arrived at the Homestead in Myrtleford we unpacked, settled in and prepared ourselves for a busy few days. After lunch we played some communication games which made students from the various schools mix together and get to know each other. We participated in a range of activities in which we learnt more about the Italian culture and language. Throughout the whole camp our Italian speaking skills and knowledge of the language was tested and improved. We were split into smaller groups and sent off to do various activities from our libretto (booklet). Everyone had the opportunity to learn about Italian folk dances and the costumes, Italian theatre and acting, Venetian mask making and its history, and translating and singing famous Italian songs.

Red faces was a highlight for many students on the camp. The different year levels and schools all put on a great performance which kept the rest of the students entertained. Galen was the winner of the Facce Rosse, and we are able to bring the trophy back home to where it belongs. By winning we were able to keep Mr Cudini happy for the remainder of the camp.

The discoteca was another highlight of the camp with many of the students up dancing and having a great time. Many of the students were worn out due to the amount of dancing and singing they did. DJ Lucy proved that she could take over the big hole left by the past DJ, Mr. Arcuri. The Italian helpers proved very useful when working on our libretto as they were able to provide assistance with pronunciation and spelling and they added a little Italian vibe into the camp.

Once again the Italian camp was a great success with all the students enjoying learning about Italian and broadening their understanding of the culture and language. With beautiful scenery and food to match the camp was very enjoyable and everyone is looking forward to coming back next year.