Junior School News

It has been an extremely busy fortnight in the Junior School. Both the Year 7 and Year 8 subject selection process took place last week. All forms are due back completed by Wednesday 14th September. This is a very important process and one that should not be rushed. I encourage all students to discuss their subject selections with both their parents and homeroom teacher.

Congratulations to the Year 7 and Year 8 students who were recipients of the Academic Excellence awards from semester one reports at our recent Founders Day Assembly. The following students achieved a high number of academic excellence awards from their semester one studies;

Year 8 – Tim Feehan, Olivia Storer, Tomarsh Loki and Riley Pasquali.

Year 7 – Jessica Spence, Sophie Archer, Zac Sullivan, Ian Christy, Maddison Smart, Jesse Gardner-Russell and Chloe Mitchell.

Recently there have been a few issues in regards to the school uniform. Homeroom teachers will be speaking to students who wear black socks as well as black t-shirts under their Galen polo shirts. With the warmer weather approaching us many students have began wearing their summer uniform. Could I please ask all parents to check that their daughter’s dress is an appropriate length.

The Junior School SRC are investigating the purchase of more drink bubblers for the Junior School area. They will also look at painting a coloured feature wall in each Year 8 classroom.

Year 8 Tree planting days have been a huge success! Over 2000 trees have been planted in the Upper Lurg area. A big thank you to all Year 8 Homeroom teachers as well as our Junior School Officers Brianna Schutt, Vicky Bennett and Michael Clark who assisted Year 8 homerooms.

Congratulations to 7/3 for winning the Year 7 Inter-homeroom basketball competition. They went through the competition undefeated. The MVP for the competition was Isaac Waite. Well done to 7/6 for making the Grand Final as well as 7/2 and 7/8 for reaching the semi finals.

On Wednesday 14th September we will have our very popular Year 7 Inter-homeroom Talent Quest during extended HR. The Year 8 students will be involved in the Year 8 Inter-homeroom short story competition in the Junior Library.

 By Patrick Arcuri, Junior School Director