Junior Science Quizes

Quiz 1) In which country was scientist Dr Karl born?
Dr Karl Sven Woytek Sas Konkovitch Matthew Kruszelnicki was born in Helsingborg, Sweden. He grew up speaking 12 languages and considered himself as very shy. Dr Karl has many degrees and is best known for his radio program on Triple J and his 30 published science books.
Congratulations to Quiz 1 winner, Zachary Sullivan of 8.5! Excellent work 7.4, you had the most people enter, keep up the great work!
 Quiz 2) When was the Tree Octopus discovered?
The Tree Octopus has never been discovered, as it does NOT exist! What does this question teach us?
You cannot believe everything you read on the internet. There are many websites which are created and altered with false information, for example, Wikipedia.
School & town libraries are valuable resources.
Start to research and think for yourselves, do not rely on the internet alone.
Congratulations to Ian Christy, 8.4 for winning Quiz 2! 7.4 again had the most entrants. Keep it up!