Our Lady’s Parish Missio

Conducted by Fr Ray Sanchez
3rd – 9th March 2012, Our Lady’s Parish, South Wangaratta. For details phone 5721 3826.

There will be morning and evening sessions throughout the days of the program. All morning sessions will be preceded by a special focus on Masses at 9am followed by a cuppa prior to the Mission session. Masses on Saturday evening (3rd) and Sunday morning (4th) will be celebrated by Fr Ray and will focus on mission themes. Saturday evening Mass at 6.30pm and Sunday morning Mass at 9.30am will be Masses of Anointing.

Session 1: Sun 4/3, 7pm-8.45pm ‘On being a Christian’
Session 2: Mon 5/3, 10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm, ‘Jesus and Justice’
Session 3: Tues 6/3, 10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm, ‘Male and Female spirituality’
Wednesday 7th March – No Mass or Mission Session
Session 4: Thurs 8/3, 10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm, ‘The Third Age and the Final Journey’
Session 5: Fri 9/3, 10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm, ‘The problem of evil and God’s mercy’
All participants and parishioners are invited to supper after this session. Please bring a plate.

A Mission is a time for personal and community renewal: a time when we look closely at where we are and how we might improve in our relationships with God and each other.