The following topic headings feature resources that you can download to assist in nurturing and supporting your children. Simply click on a link to download a PDF file that you can read at your leisure. Don’t forget that if you’d like to discuss an issue, or would like some further support and guidance, please feel free to get in touch with the Wellbeing team at Galen. They’re always willing to help.

Adolescent Development
            • Giving adolescents freedom

Attendance and School Refusal
            • Student attendance at Galen
            • Overcoming school phobia

            • Is your child too busy?

Bullying and Friendship
            • Teen friendships
            • Bully-proofing kids
            • Coping with rejection

            • Are you a young carer?

Cyber Safety and E-Safety
            • Social media and self-harm – How to help
            • Family media agreement
            • So you got naked online
            • Facebook addiction
            • Aggressive Video Games

Depression and Anxiety
            • A parent’s guide to depression and anxiety

Eating Disorders
            • Eating and awareness

Financial Resources
            • Financial services fact sheet

Gambling and Young People
            • Talking to Teens about Gambling

Homework and Study Routine
            • Helping kids with homework

Managing Trauma
            • Helping kids to cope with disaster

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing
            • Dealing with anger
            • Mindfulness
            • Avoiding harmful stress
            • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
            • Child care planner
            • Easing children’s anxiety
            • Mental health habits
            • Managing emotions

Positive Parenting
            • Parenting kids who struggle
            • Raising lifelong learners
            • Raising boys
            • Sorting out sibling squabbles
            • Talking more with your kids
            • Taming teenage tantrums
            • Working together as parents
            • When kids catastrophise
            • What type of parent are you?
            • The 7 hats of confident parents

Relationship Building with your Teen
Positive parent involvement

Developing independence
            • Helping self-conscious girls
            • Nurturing resilient kids
            • Resiliency quiz

Self-Harm / Self-Injury
            • Self-harm mythbuster
            • Self-harm factsheet

Separation and Divorce
            • Divorce

Reducing our national sleep debt
            • Is your teen sleep-deprived?

Substance Education
Is your child a caffeine junkie?
            • Teen drinking is never safe

Talking about Sexuality and Health
Talk soon, talk often fact sheet