Let’s celebrate Science Week!

Who remembers the classic Aussie movie “THE DISH”?

The famous radio telescope, located in Parkes, NSW, played a huge roll in the Apollo 11 voyage. This week, the radio telescope was added to Australia’s National Heritage List.

To help celebrate The Dish and National Science Week, let’s get creative at home. Crack out your coloured pencils, textas, crayons, paints or go digital and complete the colouring activity in the link below.


Get everyone in your home involved, no one is too young or too old to colour in.

All your creations will be put into a display, to celebrate Science Week and brighten our Labs when we return. Email your creations to; carla.murphy@galen.vic.edu.au, or deliver them in person when we are back at school.

Happy colouring and happy Science Week!