Middle School News

Making the most of Opportunity

In the last newsletter we touched upon the theme of opportunity which was the focus theme for Mrs Wendy Chuck and 9.2 when they recently presented the first Middle School Prayer Assembly. This theme is one that is worth revisiting in this newsletter item with a quick examination of the raft of opportunities with which students are presented at Galen. The following list is by no means prescriptive but it certainly serves to illustrate how every student has the chance to participate and make their mark during their time at Galen College:
Art competitions and displays, whole school and junior school productions, sports carnivals and teams (there are literally dozens of these) Caritas, Social Justice, Maths and Science Competitions, prayer assemblies, whole school assemblies such as the Opening School Mass and the ANZAC Day Commemoration, assisting with social service organisations, school camps and excursions, immersion experiences such as Santa Theresa are amongst those activities that students are able to be part of during their time at Galen. Make the most of what is on offer!

Rebekah and Abbey make their Stage Debut!
On Thursday March 1st two of our Year 9 students Rebekah Grincais and Abbey Waring will be making their debut on stage in Bendigo. Rebekah and Abbey have entered in the the ‘Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns’ competition. This competition has been running for seventeen years. As well as making their auditions on Thursday the two ladies will also participate in a two hour work shop being conducted by a professional comedian. We wish Rebekah and Abbey every success and look forward to hearing about their experiences.

A Few Words From James Bourke (Year 9 Coordinator)
The Year 9 cohort have started the year in an excellent manner at Galen Catholic College. Hardworking and on-the-job, our Year 9 students have had a positive approach to their classes, extra-curricular activities, and school-life in Term 1; much to the delight of their teachers! All Year 9 classes are now in full swing with our students busily working on their set tasks and activities. Furthermore, our Year 9 Discovery students have been actively preparing for their Year 9 Bushwalk, eagerly awaiting their 2-day Alpine Experience, which will take place in the Bogong High Plains over the next 2 weeks. As student Interim reports are now only weeks away, I encourage all Year 9’s to approach their studies in a positive manner for the remaining weeks of the Term. Well done Year 9’s, and keep up the good work!

CARITAS in the Middle School
We have now entered that part of the year where there is a real focus on Project Compassion and CARITAS. In the Middle School we have, in the past, conducted an activity where all students are invited to make a pledge whereby they make some sort of sacrifice in recognition of Lent but also as a way to personalize their commitment to the Project Compassion Theme. Students are given the opportunity to talk about their pledge or if they feel uncomfortable with this then they make a private pledge and then inwardly reflect upon this pledge. Towards the end of term we ask each student to make a gold coin donation to the CARITAS cause and this results in some significant fundraising across Middle School.
On Feb 29th we were fortunate to be addressed by Fernando  Pires. Fernando Pires was born in Dili Timor Leste and left in August 1975 because of the conflict. He grew up in Melbourne Australia.  In 1999 Fernando returned to live and work in Timor Leste. He now works with Caritas Australia as Program Coordinator for the Peace Building and Community/Family Violence Prevention Program.
During his address to the Galen Middle School Fernando was able to impress upon his audience his experiences as a refugee and the social issues that are so fundamental to the work of CARITAS. We thank Fernando for his time and his willingness to talk so openly about his life experiences and his work with CARITAS.

Keith Willett, Middle School Director