National Year of Reading

Favorite Book Cover
From students in Miss Clarke and Mr Hill’s class
Daina Sgarioto – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Daniel Scott –  The Muchamore Series by Robert Muchamore
Lauren Robins –  Once by Morris Gleitzman
Rohan Watson –  Australian BowHunter magazine
Taylor Mathewson – Gray The Dons by Archie Fusillio
Frankie Lucani – The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur G Slade

Author: Robert Hillman
Robert Hillman, coauthor of The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif came to speak to the VCE students on Thursday 1st March. Unfortunately, his presentation was interrupted by the flury of activity surrounding our day of flooding in and around Wangaratta.
 He witnessed first hand the massive operation in sending all bus travellers home within half an hour of  their arrival to school. Robert talked briefly about Afghanistan and the relevance of the rugmaker’s story to people who encounter conflict in their lives.
The workshops booked for the two days were unfortunately cancelled and Robert made his return to Melbourne.

Author: Paul Collins
Paul Collins (right, helping with our new furniture!), author of the Quentaris Series of fantasy novels worked with the Year 7s last Thursday and Friday. He spoke about the strategies used in writing fantasy and set up a scenario that was later used in workshops. Students communicated in small groups, discussing their plans and plots. Paul shared the12 point strategy used in most fantasy novels.
Look at Paul’s Publishing Site. Great new books coming soon!

New Furniture in the Junior Library!
Excitement reigned on Friday when a huge truck reversed along the back entrance of Galen College. The new furniture had arrived. The Junior Library looks bright and spacious with a colorful array of leisure furniture. Blues, greens and random patterns in couches, ottomans and comfy chairs. The reading corner has moved into 2012. The students love it!

Have a look at this magazine: Oz Kids in Print.
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