National Youth Science Forum

During the summer holidays, Fletcher Barnes, Michael Naughtin (pictured) and Christopher Traill attended the National Youth Science Forum, a 12 day program which aims to expose Year 11 students to the broader fields of science and technology, as well as hone theie interpersonal skills, which will be needed throughout life.      
    During their time at the Forum, the students were introduced to a huge range of scientific research organisations, such as CSIRO and the research facilities at the Australian National University. The Forum also fostered discussion regarding present national and global issues and emphasises the importance of maintaining continuing active interests in sport, arts and music during Year 12.
    The three boys came back from the Forum describing it as ‘the best two weeks of their lives’. They returned with a wider perspective of career prospects, a more enthusiastic look towards their studies and all plan to grasp the opportunity to represent Australia internationally.
    They highly recommend it to any Year 11 student that is interested in a career in science, and emphasise that applicants with a well-rounded personality can be very successful. Any interested student is encouraged to contact Mr Carr, or Fletch, Chris or Michael for more information.

Michael Naughtin, VCE2 and Chris Traill, VCE3