New Galen canteen menu fresh for 2020

We are very excited to have a new canteen manager at Galen for 2020.  Sue’s Soul Foods, owned and operated by Sue Witham, will be bringing a fresh new menu to the College, as well as the flexibility of online ordering for students and staff.

The new menu has been created by Sue, in conjunction with our Healthy Foods consultative team which includes Galen staff members Bec Hernandez and Helen Faithfull, as well as consultation with the Health Promotions Team at Gateway Health.  The menu is categorised and will be promoted using the Healthy Choices Materials from Alfred Health. This enables foods sold through the canteen to be identified as green, amber or red.  Green foods are the healthiest options, amber should be chosen carefully and red foods should be limited.  All foods displayed on the regular canteen menu are green and amber choices. 

We are also very pleased to advise that canteen orders are now online using Qkr!
Instructions on how to set up the online ordering app, register and order meals from Sue’s Soul Foods can be downloaded below.

 Term 1 Galen Canteen Menu
Online Ordering Instructions

More information about the Healthy Choices Materials will be sent out to families and we look forward to your feedback.