Past Galen Co-captain shows what he’s made of

Past Galen Co-captain and 2010 graduate Andrew Feehan is currently featured in a new University of Melbourne campaign to promote medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy and optometry courses. Pictured front and centre before four other students, Andrew was painted by a make-up artist for almost six hours to show the inner workings of our bodies. View the short interview video below to see what Andrew has been up to recently.


Andrew’s relationship with the University of Melbourne began when he was in Year 10, gaining entry into the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars program saw him making regular visits to the University and benefitting from tutoring and seminars.

“Because of this early contact with the University, I never really considered studying elsewhere. Also, I received a couple of scholarships at Melbourne which was a further incentive. I decided to stay on and study postgraduate medicine at Melbourne because the course really appealed to me. After spending three years in lecture theatres, the fact that you are on the wards full time from second year onwards was a huge tick. Plus, the Melbourne Medical School is highly reputable and the top medical school in the country,” says Andrew.

For more information about Andrew’s university experience, visit The University of Melbourne website.