Outdoor Ed at Phillip Island


Unit 3 Outdoor Education Phillip Island Camp

Day One

On Monday we departed Galen Catholic College at 6 o’clock and began making our way to Phillip island. Our journey was interrupted at Benalla by the pickup of Mr. Spencer and his surfboard and from there we ventured off towards Melbourne. Arriving in Phillip island at midday we dove straight into snorkeling at Kitty Miller Bay where we observed marine environment in its natural form.  After departing Kitty Miller Bay we headed to Cowes for lunch and to stock up for our upcoming meals for the week. After we set up camp in Newhaven, we headed to the beach nearby and participated in some beach games prior to the staff cooking us up a BBQ feast for dinner. At the end of the delicious feed everyone had a bit of free time before heading to bed.      


Day Two

We awoke to have breakfast, get ready and head to the Penguin Parade for a very informative morning learning about the history of the Summerland’s Peninsula and its resident penguin population. After our session at the parade we shuffled back to the bus before going straight to surfing where we got a number of totally tubular on the gnarly waves. Exhausted from surfing, we were treated once again to delicious chicken burgers and chips prepared by talented our talented teachers Mr. McLeod, Ms. Smith, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Perkins. That night we piled onto the buses and explored the Forrest caves before waiting for the Shearwater birds to arrive back from sea.


Day 3

We headed back to the YCW beach to have our last chance to catch a mad wave and improve upon the surfing skills we had learnt during the lesson prior. We then heading back to the Big 4 park to pack up all our belonging sadly jump on to the bus back to Wangaratta.

Written by Harry Skewes and Zac Northey



Unit 1 Camp

 On Wednesday we arrived in Phillip Island at around 11am, our first activity was a surfing lesson at YCW beach. With our first surfing lesson the waves were pretty small but it was good conditions for first learning to surf. We surfed for 2 hours and it was pretty tiring but definitely fun. After that we went back to camp and had dinner. Just as the sun was starting to set we jumped in the busses and drove to the Forest Caves. We explored the beach a bit before going to stand on the boardwalk to watch the Sheer Water birds flock into their nests, there were 1000’s of birds all just flying to the beach from out in the water.

On the Thursday, we went to the Rhyll Inlet Phillip Island Nature Park where we had a guide who taught us about the environments found there such as woodland, scrub land, swamp paperbark, salt marsh, mangroves and mudflats. We had a sheet to fill out called a vegetation profile this showing all plants as well as animals found in the park.

We then went to the Cowes beach and looked at the environment there and to assess whether it is to be considered to be in good health. We then travelled to the Nobbies where we saw Seal Island, a major blowhole and a number of penguins. Following this we then went back to YCW beach and had our second surfing lesson where we got the chance to improve on our surfing skills from the day before.

On the Friday we woke up early and left to go back to Forest caves during the low tide to have a explore through the rock pools. We found lots of little creatures such as starfish, crabs and even a pufferfish. After that we went back to camp, packed everything up and sadly started our long trip back to Wangaratta.

Written by Gemma Ryan and Chelsea Currie