Project Compassion Fundraising Success

This year the Galen community raised $10895.45 for Caritas Project Compassion.

Our students have done a brilliant job working for justice this year. Project Compassion is a fundraising project that sits at the heart of Catholic Social Teaching.

Through the actions of our students, in raising money and awareness for those less fortunate, they have developed an awareness of who to help and how to help others. We hope that they learn the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and how it can help them to live their lives more fully. As students graduate from Galen we hope that they will have unlocked a passion to make a real difference to the world, whether it be in Wangaratta or further afield. Project Compassion and the actions that our students have taken this term are great examples of why we are proud that your children attend Galen College. In the next edition of our newsletter we will feature the effort of particular groups of students within the school who raised money for Project Compassion.