Regional Students ISS BOUND!

Regional Students ISS BOUND!

The Galen VEX Team from Galen Catholic College, Wangaratta, will be getting the opportunity to take control of NASA’s Astrobee Robot on the International Space Station.

The team have been competing against teams from across Australia, to create a code to move the Astrobee autonomously through a series of challenges: avoid keep out zones, scan and decode QR codes to gain information for a final target, and fire a laser beam at the target.

The team won through to the final round is now about to represent Australia alongside 6 other teams from around the world. Each team has been working in a simulated environment but on October the 8th, each of the teams’ code will be sent up to Astronaut : Commander Chris Cassidy on the International Space Station.

The inaugural competition: KIBO Robotic Programming Challenge is an initiative of JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and the competition is being held in JAXA’s KIBO module on the ISS. The Australian program was facilitated by the One Giant Leap Foundation and supported by the Australian Space Agency.

The team has been working closely with One Giant Leap for communications and JAXA for technical support and advice.

On Oct 8th the teams will get to meet/chat to JAXA astronauts ; Naoko Yamazaki, (Former JAXA Astronaut), Kimiya Yui, JAXA Astronaut, who will be hosting the event.

Had it not been for COVD19, the teams would be travelling over to JAXA’s mission control, to watch it all live. Instead it will be done remotely in a closed live event, in which only the teams will be part of.

The winners will be announced after JAXA has finalised all the data collected and compiled the recording of the Oct 8th event. Approximately Oct 18th.


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