Remote Learning 3.0

Good afternoon, Galen Parents, Carers and Guardians.

We find ourselves in familiar territory this afternoon with the announcement of the 5-day lockdown called for Victoria.

Please be assured that Galen will do everything in its power to make the 3 affected school days –  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week – as smooth and manageable as possible. We recognise that this re-emerging situation will have challenges for families, students and school alike.

Very much in our favour is that Galen families and Galen itself showed last year that together we have the combined resilience, organisation, communication and commitment to deal with this sudden change in circumstances with professionalism and understanding

I will be emailing you all again later today once we have received more detailed information from the education and health authorities. For the moment, though, I can confirm the following:

  • All Victorian schools will be returning to remote learning for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday along similar lines to last year’s Remote Learning 2.0.
  • All Galen students have been alerted to this information this afternoon. This included letting them know to take all necessary resources home with them at the end of school today – eg: laptops, writing materials, other resources they would expect to use
  • We will be running our online classes to the same schedule we used last year: a copy of these times will be in the email later today to all students, staff and parents.
  • As with our arrangements last year, vulnerable children and the children of essential workers will be able to register for attendance at school on Monday – Wednesday. Details of how to register will be provided in the email later today. Please note that students MUST meet the criteria to be eligible to register: more information will be provided in the later email.
  • We welcome any feedback or questions from parents, carers and guardians at any stage of this process.

Regards to you all until the next email later today with more detailed information.

Bernard Neal