Santa Teresa Experience

SATURDAY the 13th of October marked the first day that all 11 of us began our journey to the small community of Santa Teresa. We all headed to the airport early in the morning, where we would leave for one of the best experiences of our lives. We arrived at Santa Teresa around lunchtime to a warm welcome and climate. The first few days, were all about getting to know the surroundings, which included attending a mass on Sunday morning and to get ready for the busy weekdays to come. Throughout the week, we did various activities. Everybody got to spend a day or two in the Community Centre, were they have a child care centre with the most adorable kids and a kitchen where food was prepared for the elderly whom got it delivered to their houses. The rest of the week was either spent at the school helping out in the classrooms or at the Spirituality Centre. On the second last night, we drove out to a dry river bed just outside of Santa Teresa. We took a bunch of swags, some dinner and camped out. The last day in the afternoon we got to go to the swimming pool which was heaps of fun, playing with the kids. It was the perfect way to end our trip. It was probably the most fulfilling and enriching experience that we will ever have. Mr Sullivan and Ms Cudini were the perfect people to accompany us on the trip. I highly recommend this trip for those who are interested in Social Justice, Aboriginal Culture and the world around them. I would like to thank everybody who helped us raise over $3000 for the Santa Teresa community.
Written by Maggie Snowdon