Science & Engineering Super Challenge

On Thursday 1st September a group of 32 year 9 and 10 students travelled down to Melbourne to participate in the Science and Engineering State Super Challenge.
Students were arranged into groups of four to complete a set of challenges like bridge building, mission to mars, hovercraft making and water works. Each group had four hours to complete either one or two activities. Wyatt Griffiths, Xavier Murray, Stuart Johnston and Zac Laffy built a chair that got top points on the day.
All the schools gathered together at the end of the day and watched the bridge testing. Galen’s bridge, built by Jesse Bowen, Tess Rowland, Isaac Smith and Nick Dellicastelli was equal best, but once again no bridge was able to beat the bridge buster. Galen did not finish in the top two on the day but with our high score at the Regionals we have made it into the National Final which is going to be held here in Wangaratta on 18th October at the Barr Reserve. The Science and Engineering challenge was, as it claims difficult, but is a great opportunity for year 9 and 10 students and we would recommend it to students going into year 9 next year.
The team consisted of Isaac Smith, Jesse Bowen,Tess Rowland, Lucy Marks, Louisa Watter, Chiara Beneditti, James Pond, Ben Harvey,Tom Bromley, Ben Seager, Ashley Greskie, Emily Hunt, Sarah Brown, Elena Sewell-Dolphin, Matt Spence, Ben Keane, Maggie Snowdon,Montana Lindsay, Will Carlile, Matt Hedin, Rob Carnivale, Jake Murphy, Zac Laffy, Stuart Johnston, Logan Parisi, Jacob Reily, Monique Semmens, Michael Kalkandis,       Xavier Murray, Jackie O’Keefe, Josh King and Wyatt Griffiths.