Senior Concert Band Gold Coast Tour

The Galen College Senior Concert Band recently returned from their 6-day Gold Coast tour. Students had the opportunity to experience performing for audiences at Dreamworld, Broadbeach Mall Stage and on the Surfers Paradise Foreshore. The band also performed to the students of St Kevin’s and Guardian Angels Primary schools before flying back to Melbourne. Some of the magical moments of the tour experienced by our students were:

“My most magical moment was the times that we came together as a family. It was special when everyone got together to sing, or to watch a movie, or playing football on the beach, or hanging out in the spa, or just chilling together in general. The best times were when you would be having the time of your life with someone you didn’t even know, and then you would automatically become best friends.” Breta Alstrom (American exchange student)

“My favorite moment was probably when the whole band was sitting in our common room, and we were singing our band pieces acapella. It was great fun and the most memorable moment from the tour for me.” Hannah McLeod

“My magic moment was when we rode the Green Lantern at Movieworld. It took us three times to actually get on the ride, because the first time it had broken down, then the second time we got right up to the gate, but it broke down again. On our third try we got on the ride and when it started moving the feeling was amazing. Going around all the loops and turns on the ride was great; I had finally ridden the biggest roller coaster I had ever been on.”
Gabriella Tonini

“The entire tour to the Gold Coast was a magical experience. My favourite parts of the trip were playing at Guardian Angels Primary School, and spending the day at Dreamworld with my friends. The primary school was so great because the students understood what we were playing. They also had a lot of fun listening to us. Even though it poured down rain at Dreamworld, it didn’t matter, because we made it fun. We bought ponchos and didn’t let anything ‘rain on our parade.” Amy Faithfull

“The Queensland band tour was amazing including a wide range of performances and some fun. The highlights would have to be when we played at Dreamworld; the opportunity was fantastic and the atmosphere was also fantastic with the rides going while we were playing and the rain just holding back. It was amazing, and something I will never forget. Another highlight was playing at Surfers Paradise foreshore and spending the day at Movie World.” Amber Dellicastelli

“The most magical moments that happened at the Gold Coast would have to be the fact that I was with my friends. Even though it rained heavily when we went to Dreamworld I had the most amazing time. When the rained cleared up we ran to the rides including the big ones. We worked ourselves up thinking they would be terrifying then realized how silly we were when we walked off and was surprised at how fun it actually was.” Naomi Jones

“The tour highlight for me was just sitting down with everyone who I might not otherwise hang around with, and doing random things like singing our instruments instead of playing them. It was both very funny, and entertaining, and definitely added to the overall experience of the Gold Coast tour.” Billy Sullivan

“Some of my magic moments were simple things like walking along the beach, around the markets, and just spending time with Breta, who has never been to Queensland before, even finding places that we will go when she brings her family back to Australia for a holiday. But a big highlight would definitely be playing along the foreshore at Surfers Paradise. The crowds gave us all such a buzz and we had a blast!” Hazel Vaughan

The band would like to thank Mr Ashfield for organizing the tour and Mrs Faithfull, Ms Code and Lucy Walch for accompanying us.