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At Galen Catholic College Pastoral Care & Wellbeing are taken very seriously and are seen as pivotal for student learning and growth. We are excited to welcome students, parents and staff to our brand new Wellbeing Centre situated in the new Junior school area as of the start of 2018. This state of the art Wellbeing Centre boasts three counselling rooms plus a dedicated room for group work and programs.

Kate Meehan (Full time Counselor), Luke Ahrens (part time Psychologist), Lisa Power (part time counsellor) Therese Rodway (part time social worker) and Katrina Watts (part time social worker) will all be looking forward to using the new spaces to better serve the student’s needs.

The Wellbeing team will set priorities to work more on preventative measures with students rather than focus entirely on referrals.

Galen will also now have a dedicated Pastoral Wellbeing Leader (PWL) and a Learning Leader (LL) across each year level.

This is a great advantage for our students and parents as we now have two quality staff overlooking and monitoring student progress. The Pastoral Wellbeing Leader and Learning Leader will work closely with the new Head of School (previously known as Mini School Director).

Our Team

To find out more about our team and their professional skills, please click on the tabs below: 

Kate Meehan – Counsellor

Kate Meehan

Kate Meehan is Galen’s full time counselor. She has been in this role for the past four years and provides counselling, support, advocacy, advice and guidance to students, their families and staff. Kate also facilitates group work, restorative sessions and helps to arrange guest speakers for students, staff and families.

Previously, Kate was employed at Department of Human services for approximately 20 years, working in numerous roles; Child Protection, Case Management, advocacy, team leader/manager and counsellor. Kate enjoys supporting students, seeing them progress, develop strengths and resilience. Both Kate and Pat Arcuri share the role of being Galen’s Child Safe Officers.

Luke Ahrens – Psychologist

Luke Ahrens

Luke Ahrens is Galen’s Psychologist and proudly works to provide support 2 days a week. Luke has been in this role for the past four years and provides focused psychological strategies, assessment and diagnostic support to students and their families. He also works closely with staff. Before his time at Galen Luke worked with NECAMHS, and as a school psychologist in the state system. Luke also currently works in private practice, and with St Bernard’s Primary School.

Lisa Power – School Counsellor/Provisional Psychologist 

Lisa Power
School Counsellor/Provisional Psychologist 

Lisa Power is a School Counsellor working 3 days per week in Galen’s Wellbeing Team. Lisa also works as a counsellor with adults two days per week outside of Galen. She has been working with young people and families for the last 15 years, and has been with Galen for four years. Lisa enjoys supporting students and families through counselling, advocacy and support, group work and educational sessions. Lisa helps students to develop strategies to cope with challenges both related to school and external factors.

Therese Rodway – Counsellor

Therese Rodway

Therese Rodway is a social worker at Galen and has been seeing students, families and running wellbeing programs since 2008.

Therese is interested in women’s health, expressive arts, indigenous wisdom, and family work. She loves the outdoors, yoga and being with her family. She looks forward to welcoming you at Galen’s new Wellbeing Centre.

Jen O’Neill – Student Counsellor

Jen O’Neill
Student Counsellor

Jen O’Neill is the newest member to join the Galen wellbeing team. Before starting in the role of school counsellor Jen gained experience via various positions including Case Worker with the DOJ (Parkville Precinct), Child Protection and most recently the Navigator program supporting disengaged student back into the education system. Jen especially enjoys working with adolescents and practices from a strength based client centered approach.

Wellbeing at Galen

There may be times when you and your family have an issue that is impacting on your schooling which needs sensitive and confidential attention. It might be a health, family or personal problem. Either way, at Galen we have Wellbeing Counsellors who can provide professional support to you. This can be an alternative to the Homeroom teacher or Wellbeing Leader (PWL) and a Learning Leader (LL) (who would generally be the people you first approach about school concerns).

Exploring the issue with one of us might help you to find the right solution to your situation. We can confidentially chat in the privacy of our wellbeing rooms in the Wellbeing Centre. We can support you and your family in a variety of ways including making an appointment with other community services that specialise in your particular area of concern. Please remember, we welcome you and your family to our school. We care about you and there is always someone here at Galen to provide you with wellbeing support.


How the Student Wellbeing service operates at Galen College

  1. Establish reason for referral and build rapport
  2. Students/families have the limits of confidentiality explained
  3. Key players or clients are established
  4. Develop effective strategies/solutions with student/client
  5. Monitor and effect changes as required
  6. Terminate or set for review further involvement


Our Confidentiality Agreement

All information discussed with Wellbeing Staff is kept confidential and private.
However, there are some occasions when Wellbeing Staff will inform others of a student’s situation if:
• You are at risk or hurting yourself
• You are at risk of someone hurting you
• You are at risk of hurting someone else
Contact could be made with a parent or legal guardian; trusted adult, child protection, Doctor/Hospital or health service, if the need arises.


Contact Wellbeing

Phone: 5721 6322
Email: wellbeing@galen.vic.edu.au