Table Tennis

On 29th August 6 teams played in the Upper Hume Table Tennis Competition at the Wangaratta Table Tennis Centre. The results were:
First Place
Year 7 Girls: Julie Borbidge, Tess Keenan, Lauren Robbins, Zoe Marshall.
Year 7 Boys: Zac Sullivan, Sam Harvey, Jayden Bear,Will Eefting.
Year 8 Boys: Jack Allan, Jack Huntington, Connor Scully, Ryan Scully.
Second Place
Year 8 Girls: Clare Hogan, Bella Gigiotti, Briony O’Halloran, Renee Collet, Issy Byrne.
Year 9/10 Girls: Adrienne Murphy, Maicee Harrison, Shelby Collins, Kate Smith, Ruby Gardner-Russell.
Third Place
Year 9/10 Boys: Max Whitty, Matt Thrum, Ben Ralston, Holly Judd.

Congratulations to the winning teams who will advance to the next round as well as all other competing teams. The students were well behaved and displayed good sportspersonship.  Thank you to Michael Clark for his assistance on the day.

Laurie Burt