Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews

Dear Galen Parents/Guardians,

A reminder that Term 3 Parent-Teacher interviews will be conducted on Thursday evening SEPTEMBER 8th and Friday morning SEPTEMBER 9th. 

THURSDAY Session 1: 4.30pm – 5.45pm Session 2: 6.15pm – 8.00pm (Teachers with Surnames from Lee to Z)
THURSDAY Session 1: 4.30pm – 6.15pm Session 2: 6.45pm – 8.00pm (Teachers with Surnames from A to Leith)
FRIDAY Session 3: 9.00am – 10.30am Session 4: 11.00am – 12.00pm  

As of today (31st August), all parents/guardians will be able to access on PAM (Parent Access Module) both the Term 3 Interim Reports as well as the ability to book Parent Teacher Interviews. All Parent Teacher Interview bookings must be made via PAM.

Please download the support document for parents to use while booking via PAM as well as the Teacher availability chart and map. 

We encourage all parents to attend Parent Teacher Interviews with their child and to bring with them their Term 3 Interim Report. Teachers, parents and students should always participate together in the feedback process via the interviews.  

Please check the interim report to identify if you have been REQUESTED or WELCOME for a parent teacher interview. We encourage all parents who receive a REQUESTED interview to please make a booking with that teacher. 

Please also take note that Friday 8th SEPTEMBER will be a STUDENT FREE day at Galen Catholic College.

Parents/guardians who cannot access PAM for parent teacher bookings are encouraged to contact the office administration via telephone (03) 57216322 for assistance with their booking. 

Kind regards,

Patrick Arcuri

Deputy Principal – Staff & Students