VCAL Excursion to Albury/Wodonga

On Friday 2nd September 2011 the VCAL class went up to Albury/Wodonga to look at pizza oven and vegie garden. The pizza oven at Galen is going to be built near the Food Technology and LOTE rooms.  We took a mini bus to Albury/Wodonga. We went on an excursion because we are building one at school. The weather was really nice and sunny. 

When we got to Albury/Wodonga we went to a park for morning tea. We measured the pizza oven in Albury and we discussed the seating area. We went to Hovell Tree Park to look at Pizza ovens. The park is nice and big.

At 11:00 we went to Gateway in Wodonga because we got to Hovell Park early. At 11:30 we got back on the bus and went to Wodonga West Primary School to have a look at their pizza oven and vegie garden. It took 15 minutes to get to Wodonga West Primary School.  Their pizza oven is really good. They had a little vegie garden near the pizza oven. They had a big vegie garden near the back of the classrooms. It took up one to two acres in land. They have a worm farm which eats the food scraps. They also have chickens which eat the food scraps. They also have a kitchen where they cook things after it is ready to harvest. The worms and chickens eat the left-over food that the kids didn’t use.

There was one sculpture that was made out of bikes and it had two scary faces. They use recycle materials to create their gardens. When we were about to leave Jacob Carter said thank you to the Principal for letting us look at the pizza oven and vegie garden. We went to Oddies Creek Park for lunch. The playground got opened that day. It got a big playground. Bridget Feehan and Mr Hovey cooked lunch. We had a BBQ for lunch. Lunch was very nice. There was a balloon man that made frog for Kristine, a rainbow for Mr Hovey and a monkey. We thanked Bridget Feehan and Mr Hovey for cooking lunch.

Ms Duff didn’t come back on the bus with us. At 2:00 we got back on the bus and came back to school. Mr Walker drove the bus up to Albury/Wodonga. We thanked Leanne Carr, Mr Hovey and Mr Walker for coming on the excursion with us. It was home-time for us.

 By Bridget Feehan, VCAL Student