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IT Workshop for Parents

Tools for controlling Internet use at home for our Year 9’s and 10’s

This session will start with a short presentation from a guest speaker with reflections and advice on the issues surrounding the use of the Internet and games at home. The session will then move onto demonstrations of the following tools:
• Free software called Self Control  • A hardware solution called a NetGear Router
• The Telstra Filter Account  • Commercial software called Nortons Family Online
• Apple’s parental controls  • Physical solutions eg: timers

A Year 7 and 8 workshop will be held early next term.

You can’t be watching all the time, but you can play a consistent and supportive role in
your kids’ lives, online. Let them grow and learn on their own while being able to provide guidance when necessary. (Nortons online family) http://onlinefamilyinfo.norton.com
So join us in the senior library 6.00pm to 7.00pm Monday 10th September. Enroll online at www.schoolinterviews.com.au. The code required is: AZZ2A