Year 10 News

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Week 7 – Year 10 Exams
Week 8 & 9 – Current Year 10’s will move to VCE area for the ‘Headstart’ program, including VCAL students for 2012. It is important that all students make a solid effort in the weeks ahead before their Year 10 Exams.
Wangaratta Zones/Athletics Competition

A group of enthusiastic students volunteered their time to assist with the Wangaratta Zones Athletics compe- tition held at Appin Park Oval on Thursday 13th October. The organizer of this event, Mrs Carolyn Willett is very appreciative of the Galen Students who are willing to assist on the day and always complementary of their behavior and efforts. Thanks to the following Middle School students – Year 9 – Henry Gormly, Sarah Hynes, Chelsea Larkings, Benjamin Morrow, Lachlan Mc Kellar, Adrienne Murphy, Madeline Schmidt & Benjamin Reiter. Year 10 – James Mc Clounan, Bec Montgomery, Jake Murphy, Tayla Ward & James Wells.
Sunsmart Policy –
Hats for Term 4- Students were made aware at the Middle School Assembly yesterday that there has been a minor change to the Hat Policy here at Galen. Students are encouraged to have a School sun hat for Term 4. If they are in the sun they are required to wear the hat. If they are in the Shade they are to have a hat in their posession. Encourage- ment from home regarding this would be appreciated.
The School Policy regarding the wearing of Jewellery states: ‘Only minimal Jewellery should be worn at Galen College. It should be appropriate for school activities bearing in mind Safety, Health and Neatness’.  The school has the discretion to ask any in-appropriate Jewellery be removed.’ This information is relevant to those boys who have large ‘bolts’ in their ears. A clear plastic plug is required to be worn.
White Socks are the only socks to be worn with the School Uniform
VET Hospitality Evening for Parents/Guardians/ Friends
The Vet Hospitality students are very excited about their upcoming Parent evening where they get to cook for you! Won’t that be a change…
It will consist of a 2 course meal, $15 a head to cover the food cost. Nibbles will be served before the dinner at 6pm. No alcohol allowed. Location: Galen LOTE Room.
•    Mrs Marlene Kittel’s Class -Thurs 3rd November
•    Mrs Marg Moore’s Class -Tuesday 15th November
Year 9/10 Middle School Cricket Team
Congratulations to Drew Hiskins (Homeroom 10.1) who scored a ‘Hat Trick’ during the Middle school cricket competition at the Barr Reserve. Coach was Brian Carr.
Year 10 German Exchange Student –
Our thanks to Belinda & Glyn Castanelli & family for for hosting Nikola Esders (German Exchange Student) Nikola is coming to the end of her 12 month stay in Australia. Nikola will be leaving Galen on 30th November.

Liz Morrow