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A bright year ahead at Galen

NewYear7sWith a mixture of excitement and anticipation, a new cohort of promising Year 7s commenced their first day of secondary school last Friday (29th Jan) at Galen Catholic College. New students Noah Simmonds, Ryan Philpotts and Jacinta Buchan described their morning as “great” and “amazing!”

“I wasn’t really nervous, I was more just really excited”, said Ryan. Having already attended Galen’s Transition Program for Grade 6 students toward the end of 2015, Galen’s new Year 7s were already familiar with the Junior School and many of the teachers who’ll be leading them through their first year at the college.

Noah, Jacinta and Ryan each agreed that they are looking forward to the opportunity Galen brings. “It’s so much bigger than primary school”, said Noah. “We’re really looking forward to many new subjects and lots of great equipment to use”.

While Galen’s new Year 7s are just starting, senior VCE students are anticipating a big year ahead; for Year 12s, their final year at school. In his welcome address to students, Principal Bernard Neal asked that students embark on the year ahead with a focus on personal excellence, particularly as Year 12s plan for their future beyond Galen. “You each have teachers who are experts in their area, that have been selected to help you achieve your goals and are eager to see you all do well.”

Deputy Principal Pat Arcuri echoed his words, asking that students make the most of the year by engaging in the plethora of opportunities that Galen offers outside the classroom. “From sport to productions, music, leadership, social justice and everything in between, make sure you finish the year knowing that you’ve given it your absolute best.”