A touch of Italy at Galen

An Italian pizza masterclass: Bastoni Pizzeria owners Serena McGuffie and Alessandro Destri with Galen student Georgia Bettio.

Galen’s Italian LOTE students were treated to a cultural immersion on Friday 14th August, with a host of workshops during the day. From traditional Commedia dell’Arte performances, to Venetian style mask making and of course, cooking lessons!

The lead up to lunch was a highlight of the day, as students were joined by Bastoni Pizzeria (Myrtelford) owners, Serena McGuffie and Alessandro Destri for an authentic pizza masterclass. Italian language students cooked up a storm with a delicious selection of gourmet pizzas, all prepared under the expert guidance of their special guests.

As students enjoyed eating a slice of Italy for lunch, it quickly became apparent that Alessandro’s talents were not limited to the kitchen, as he entertained the crowd with a series of dough-tossing tricks.

Students involved had a very enjoyable day: learning more about Italian culture and sampling authentic cuisine.

For more information about Bastoni Pizzeria, simply visit their website at: www.bastoni.com.au