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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians

This is our final newsletter for 2011. Thanks to everyone for another wonderful year at Galen.

Congratulations to the Year 12 students of 2011 who have produced an excellent range of outcomes. To our VCAL and VCE students, congratulations on achieving your certificates and completing all the course requirements to gain you this qualification. You have indeed made us all proud to be Galen!

The Dux of Galen for 2011 is Claire Luxford, with an outstanding ATAR of 99.25, placing her in the top 1% of students across the whole of Victoria. Galen had a total of 12 students with ATARs over 90 – this equates to 11% of Galen Year 12 students who have achieved in the top 10% of students across Victoria.  A quarter of all Galen students achieved an ATAR of 80 or above.

Importantly, these results give our graduate students a great opportunity to access the tertiary courses of their first preference next year. Course offers will be made in the new year.

I would like to wish the 2012 Year 12 students the very best as they prepare themselves over the holidays for their final year of secondary education. These students have begun their Year 12 studies already through the HeadStart program, which we have implemented here at Galen this year for the first time. They have received holiday homework as part of their subject coursework, which is in keeping with best practice for senior studies.

Finally, I wish all members of the Galen community – students, parents, families – a happy and holy Christmas. I look forward to working with you all again in 2012.

Sincerely yours,

Bernard Neal

Pictue: Year 10 Formal

Year 10 Formal

The Year 10 Formal was held on Tuesday 13th September, at St Pat’s Hall. The students had dancing lessons during their P.E sessions in preparation for the evening.

The live band, Scott & Amanda entertained the Year 10’s impressing the group with a huge range of songs.         Thanks to John Perri from Occasion Studios for taking group and individual photos throughout the evening.

Thank you to all the parents, guardians and family members who attended at the beginning of the evening. It was lovely to see so much support and interest.

Olivia Gourley (10.6) was voted the ‘Belle of the Ball’ & Carl Lucani (10.3) the ‘Smoothest Male Dancer.’ Special mention was made to William Keenan (10.6) who looked very stylish in his white suit.

Thank you to those Students who formed the Year 10 Formal Committee – Emily Maher, Rachelle Van Aken, Rebecca King, Sammi O’Brien, Belle Culhane, Bridgette Byrne, Zoe Levesque, Gabriella Tonini and Maika Kamiyama.

By Liz Morrow, Year 10 Coordinator

Picture: Year 10 Formal
Picture: Year 10 Formal

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The end of another busy term is upon us. As with most things in life, this will mean different things for different students and their families. For most it will mean a break from the demands and routine of daily school and provide a bit of respite.

For those students in Year 12 it heralds their final term holidays from school. With only three weeks of classes remaining for not only this year but also for  their entire school careers, they have reached the really pointy end of secondary education. In two months time they will be former Galen Collegians with their final SACs, assignments, work placements and exams behind them.

For these students the term holidays represent the start of their final assault to ensure that they enter the next phase of their young lives having done their best and been their best and achieved their best. The best advice I heard for Year 12 students as they enter the final holidays is to treat each day as if it were a school day. Get up at the normal time, work to the normal hours – i.e. start studying no later than 9.00am and go through to 3.30 with the normal break for morning tea and lunch. The late afternoon and evening is then yours to do with as you please: rest, recreate, get some exercise, or even do more study if you are up to it.

Parent teacher student interviews

On Thursday evening and Friday morning we have our parent-teacher-student interviews. By now, everyone will be aware that we have moved to a booking system for the interviews. Bookings can be made online or by making contact with the college. Please ensure that you have made a booking for any teacher you wish to see.

Good luck

The College Band is on tour to Canberra this week under the direction and supervision of our Music Director, Mr David Ashfield.

Our Year 9 students and a number of staff conclude the Year 9 bushwalk program this week

Many of our Italian students will be participating in the annual Italian Camp along with students of Italian from quite a number of other schools in our region

October 31

After very careful consideration, the Leadership Team has decided that Monday October 31 – the day before Melbourne Cup Day – will be a pupil free day. There will be no classes on this day. This will enable staff to prepare for the change in our end of year program with the implementation of the two week Headstart Program which will see all Years 7 – 11  students at school until Friday December 9. Melbourne Cup Day will be a public holiday and there will be no school on that day, Tuesday, November 1.


Bernard Neal



Bus Timetable Changes

Dear Students and Parents

As of Monday 10/10/2011, beginning of Term 3 there will be NO 3.55pm bus from Wangaratta High School to the Wangaratta town centre. This bus will now be covered by the 3.35pm bus that leaves from the very front bay at Wangaratta High School. This bus will also pick up Galen College students at 3.30pm at the front of the College (Phillipson St bus stop).

This will allow students to get into town without having to wait for the later bus and any student that needs to get to work can arrive in town at 3.45pm.

There will now be a 3.30pm bus from Galen College and a 3.35pm bus from Wangaratta High School straight into town. It will then express up Murdoch Road to Donavan Drive, Wenhams Lane and Cribbes Road to drop off those students who live in those areas.

The 3.35pm bus from Galen and the 3.40pm bus from Wangaratta High School will still run as per normal, the first stop being Mason St at the Wangaratta Cemetery.

The 3.45pm bus from Galen College and 3.50pm bus from Wangaratta will also still run as per normal, with the first stop still being in Perry St opposite Kmart.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Brock Fallon

Ph: 5722 9255


Steinway on Stage

Amy Faithfull is one of the two young pianists who will perform on the stage of the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday, 5 October.

Amy will play some Grade 7 music exam and other pieces – works by Chopin, Debussy and more. The audience, also seated on the stage, is able to be up close to the magnificent Steinway grand piano.

The one hour recital commences at 6pm, and also includes Ignatius Corboy. Tickets are ($10, $8, $5 for children under 16).

For more information see www.wangarattapac.com.au.


Wangaratta Little Athletics

Registration nights for the coming season:

  • Friday 7th October 4.30 – 6pm
  • Thursday 13th October 4 – 6pm

Alternativly, register online at Little Athletics Victoria.

Cost: 1 athlete – $80, 2 athletes – $150, 3 athletes – $220.

New Centre Singlets: $25.

1st Competition Night to be held 14th October, 5.15pm.


Picture: Talent Quest

Junior School News

As we come to the conclusion of Term 3, may I remind students to make sure they are up to date with all work assessment tasks. Unfortunately there are a number of students in the Junior school who have already embraced the upcoming end of term and as a result have not been working to their full potential.

I highly recommend all parents and students attend the parent-teacher interviews on either the evening of Thursday 22nd September or the morning of Friday 23rd September. The parent-teacher interviews are an important format for feedback to be given to both parents and students. It is advisable that students attend with their interim reports and visit any teacher who has requested to speak with them.

Clockwise from top left: Tayla Bigham, Megan Walch, Zoe Stinson and Molly Nunn (7/3). Jayden Bear, Cajun Magennis, Martin Torpey and Chloe Handcock (runners up – 7/1). The crowd enjoy one of the acts. Will Robinson & Zoe Marshall (first place - 7/8).
Clockwise from top left: Tayla Bigham, Megan Walch, Zoe Stinson and Molly Nunn (7/3). Jayden Bear, Cajun Magennis, Martin Torpey and Chloe Handcock (runners up – 7/1). The crowd enjoy one of the acts. Will Robinson & Zoe Marshall (first place - 7/8).

Last Wednesday we had an extremely busy extended homeroom. Our Year 7 students displayed some outstanding musical and dance talents throughout the Year 7 Inter-homeroom Talent Quest.  Our judging panel consisted of Vice Principal Mr. Geoff Welch, Production Co-Ordinator Mrs. Julie Nolan and Junior School Officer Vicky Bennett. The Year 7 cohort amazed all of the judges with their courage and talent on display. The following students represented their homeroom;

7/1 – Chloe Hancock (singing), Aidan Howard (keyboard), Cajun Magennis (guitar), Martin Torpey (guitar) and Jayden Bear (guitar). 7/2 – Lauren Baker, Noemi Brockoff and Bethany Cook (dancing). 7/3 – Tayla Bigham, Molly Nunn, Zoe Stinson and Megan Walch (dancing). 7/4 – Richard Lai (guitar) Rowan O’Keefe (guitar). 7/5 – Nina-Maree Dummett (singing) Ayden Hansen (drums) Briellen Ramsay (keyboard) Natasha Holland, Alysha Ismale, Allana Young (dancing). 7/6 – Jade Gibson (singing) choir (whole class). 7/7 – Kate Pitcher & Lily Poole (singing). 7/8 – Will Robinson & Zoe Marshall (singing).

Congratulations to Will & Zoe from 7/8 who wooed the crowd and judges with their duet to finish in first position. 7/1 also did a fantastic rendition of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ to finish in second position.

Congratulations to 8/5 for winning the Year 8 Inter-homeroom Basketball competition. 8/2 finished in second position followed by 8/6 in third position.

Our Year 8 students were also involved in the Year 8 Inter-homeroom Essay Writing Competition last Wednesday in the Junior Resource Centre. Well done to all students involved in this rewarding activity. Mrs. Anne O’Dwyer (English Convener) will be grading the arguments to determine the winners.

By Patrick Arcuri, Junior School Director