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2012 Galen Catholic College SRC

7.1 Ryan McNeilly Isabelle Prestianni
7.2 Sam Paterson Charlotte Green
7.3 Molly Homewood Emma Ackerly
7.4 Antonia Diramacca Emma Gamble
7.5 Maddison Talarico Lachlan Hourigan
7.6 Brooke Callahan Joshua Bevacqua
7.7 Chloe Chamberlain Jesse Levesque
7.8 Ainslie Bear Oliver Biddulph








8.1 Lauren Baker Lachlan Campbell
8.2 Jade Gibson Thomas McDonald
8.3 James Connor Maddison Smart
8.4 Ben Lyons Jemma Saunders
8.5 Zac Sullivan Bethany Cook
8.6 Jayden Bear Jessica Spence








9.1 Alannah Grant Fergus Samon
9.2 Luke Whitten Corey Van Aken
9.3 Blake Nixon Amber Dellicastelli
9.4 Aaron Taylor Nathan Schmidt
9.5 Rebecca Morris Breeana O’Donohue
9.6 Eliza Nolan Alicia Giglio









10.1 Sarah Cunningham Xavier Murray
10.2 Benjamin Talarico Emmaline Howard
10.3 Annie Brien Liam Byrne
10.4 Matthew Spence Tamara Russo
10.5 Lachlan McKellar Melinda Suter
10.6 Ruby Gardner-Russell Riley Southwell
10.7 Robert Speziale Amy Faithfull

VCE 1 Nathan Whinray
VCE 2 Jacinta Cooper
VCE 3 Andrew Spence
VCE 4 Katie Faithfull
VCE 5 Mary Paino
VCE 6 Josh Schonafinger
VCE 7/8 Emily Landgren
VCE 9 Nick DelliCastelli
VCE 10 Jacquelyn O’Keefe
VCE 11 Bridie Naughtin
VCE 12 Tess Rowland
VCE 13 Zoe Levesque
VCE 14 Andrew Mair
VCE 15 Jonathon Panozzo

To Be Seen… To Be Blessed

Last Tuesday, the 13th of March was the first time in 2012 that the entire Galen community gathered as one.

After some logistical maneuvering, close to 1000 people were all seated to begin our Eucharistic celebration. This is an important rite of passage for Galen staff and students – to begin the year as one people, gathered for a common purpose, to notice each other, to care for each other, to sacrifice for each other. We endeavour to be Jesus-like in all that we do for each other.
Our theme this year, ‘To Be Seen To Be Blessed’, is inspired by the writings of Ronald Rolheiser, who asks us to notice each other, and for teachers, in particular, to notice students. Galen prides itself upon the staff and student relationships. Our 2012 theme taps into the hearts and minds of our students and teachers. We want to experience the most sacred of relationships in all that we do with your children, in our care. We are blessed for the privilege you bestow upon us.
We would like to thank Monsignor John White and Father Eugene De La Corte for celebrating The Eucharist, for all the staff and students who provided music, readings and welcoming of invited guests to this important school ceremony.

May your children be seen and feel truly blessed to be a part of the Galen community in 2012.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are racing towards the end of what has been an extremely busy first term. Even in the final two weeks of term we have a number of significant events still to come:
Athletics Day
Caritas Ks walkathon
Interim reports
Parent/teacher interviews

Of course, during the term holidays we celebrate the most important Christian feast on the annual calendar – Easter. I hope that all families, regardless of where they might be on a faith continuum, can take time to reflect over the Easter period on why it is that we celebrate this event as our forbears have done for the last 2,000 years. The death and resurrection of Jesus has forged the course of human history for millions upon millions of believers and non-believers alike for the past two millennia: regardless of our personal faith position, this is a remarkable fact that at the very least demands respectful reflection.

For believers, Easter represents the quintessential core of Christianity in all its variations and manifestations. For Catholics, it is the source of our hope for salvation, for our belief that we can spend eternity with our loving God.

Take time to reflect with your family in your own way this Easter.

Diocesan Conference – school closure days
An important event scheduled for the middle of second term is the Sandhurst Diocesan Conference. This conference will see all staff, including teachers and non-teachers, from all primary and secondary Catholic schools across the Sandhurst diocese come together for two days in Bendigo on May 24 / 25.
Please note that as a result, all Catholic schools across the diocese of Sandhurst, including Galen Catholic College, will be closed for these two days: 24th  & 25th  May 2012.

The theme of the conference is “Re-Imagining the Mission – A Pilgrimage of Faith”.

Because of the importance of this event in the life of Catholic Education in Sandhurst, and because of the fact that school will be closed for these two days,  I have included details below of the major focus points for the conference.

If you have any questions arising from this event please do not hesitate to contact me at the college.

C a t h o l i c   I d e n t i t y
Key Aspects – Social Justice, Inclusion, Tradition, Vocation, Liturgy
The conference will include the exploration of the following and other associated themes:
The history of Catholic Education in Australia and the rich charism and contributions of Religious Orders.
Processes and reflection about defining a lay Charism and the search for vocation in our lives
The findings of research about the Catholicity of our schools and the stages of faith of staff and families.
Reflections about who and how we welcome people into Catholic schools.
Ways in which the prayer, liturgies and rituals of the conference can be built on and developed in school communities in way that are meaningful and relevant.
Exploring further ways to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged beyond our school communities.

A u s t r a l i a n   I d e n t i t y
Key Aspects – Aboriginal Australia, Multiculturalism, Reconciliation   
The conference will include the exploration of the following and other associated themes:
Ways to come to a better appreciation and recognition of Aboriginal traditions and culture.
Celebration of the rich culture of Australia which as been realised since European settlement.
The ongoing awareness of need for reconciliation and justice for Aboriginal people and other cultural groups, especially refugees.
Challenges to recognise what it means to be an Australian in contemporary society.

L e a r n i n g & T e a c h i n g
Key Aspects – Professional Learning Communities, Engaged Learners, Holistic Curriculum
The conference will include the exploration of the following and other associated themes:
The effective utilisation of the open learning spaces.
The building of professional learning communities.
Learning from the research – both academic and action research in our schools.
Contemporary thinking about effective ways to engage students and families in learning.
Effective assessment of, for and as learning.
Conceptualizing holistic curriculum and the place of the Arts in learning.
What does a Catholic curriculum look like in 21st century?
L e a d e r s h i p
Key Aspects – Governance, Collaborative Ministry, Succession
The conference will include the exploration of the following and other associated themes:
Leadership in the context of Church, a baptismal call to ministry at the local Parish.
Ways in which the leadership of students and early career teachers can be nurtured and realised.
Effective school governance including improved understandings about the purpose and functioning of School Boards.
Processes to bring about a deeper understanding of the leadership aspects of being a staff member in a Catholic school.
Parent leadership – imagining new ways into the future.

P a s t o r a l   W e l l b e i n g
Key Aspects – Positive Behaviour (PBIS), Wellness, Parents as Partners.
The conference will include the exploration of the following and other associated themes:
The replacement of punitive measures of behaviour management with Positive Behaviour supports and interventions.
Ways in which parents can be supported in their role & become more engaged in school.
The issues involved with Cyber Safety and increasing awareness of the misuse of communication technologies.
Creation of communities, which build wellness for staff and families.

S t e w a r d s h i p
Key Aspects – Environmental sustainability, Funding, Designs for Learning
The conference will include the exploration of the following and other associated themes:
Increasing awareness of God’s creation and the imperative to be more prudent in our stewardship of the planet.
Being more informed about the funding of Catholic schools and the measures in place for the system to have a political voice.
Design ideas for schools to develop flexible learning spaces.
Creation of a positive future where communities feel they have influence and can make a difference.
Profiles and future planning considerations.

Bernard Neal

Welcome, Bishop Les!

The Sandhurst Diocese warmly welcomed newly appointed Bishop Leslie Tomlinson DD at the installation Mass held at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo on March 1st, 2012. Around 1500 people filled the Cathedral coming from all areas of the diocese.

College Board AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the College Board will be held on Thursday 19th April 2012 at 7.00pm in the Board Room (located within the Administration building).
Parents and all within the school community are invited.
Due to the election cycle, there was no call for new nominations from Parents to the Board for this AGM.  The AGM will be followed by the monthly meeting of the Galen Board.
AGM Agenda
Report from Board Chair
Report from Principal
Appointment of Board Chair
Confirmation of other positions on Board
Annual Financial Report
Annual Budget 2012
Question time

School Board Curriculum Committee Members

Any parents who might be interested in participating in this committee are invited to contact Darren Hovey.
The committee meets at 6pm prior to Board Meetings. The function of this committee is to look at the Strategic Plan as it relates to curriculum and curriculum-based policies.
Your commitment would mean just 3 meetings per term for 1 hour at a time.

Junior School News

Round 2 of camp was much more successful with wonderful weather. The Year 8 classes on this camp got to enjoy the full experience and represented Galen well throughout all activities.
    Students participated in a liturgy which involved nearly every student in one way or another. The highlight of this liturgy was the setting of the prayer focus with students bringing up items to represent things such as hands to represent team work and candles to represent the light of God. As our sign of peace students presented each other with a sheet of affirmations which also lifted spirits.
    Red faces was quite short this year with only 4 acts. In the end it was the talents of Bec and Tarni from 8.7 who prepared a poem about their homeroom that stole the show. Miss Cudini is still challenging this decision though as she believes her joke about the mushroom walking into a bar was hilarious…Just ask her! The disco was also fairly quiet. Those who did attend were blown away by the talents of Waylon Bortignon who led the dance moves and got everyone involved.
    Students joined in the opening school mass/assembly on Tuesday. At the assembly, SRC and House captains were formerly announced (see page 8 for SRC list). Students who received distinction awards for outstanding achievements in their subjects in semester 2 of 2011 were also acknowledged (turn to page 4 for list of award-winning students).
    On Wednesday, students were reminded about the importance of locking their laptops in their lockers when they are not in their classroom. It was very disappointing for the Junior School Executive to then collect a large number of laptops that had been left out at lunchtime that very same day. A letter was sent home to appropriate students and students were told that next time their computer is left out their admin rights will be revoked.
    Interim reports are due to come home next week. Please take the opportunity to discuss these reports with your student especially if they have received a not yet satisfactory in any of their subjects.
    With the end of the term approaching quickly we encourage students to keep working hard and to finish the term well.

Lauren Lee, Junior School Director

Middle School News

Caritas in the Middle School
In the last newsletter we highlighted the efforts of the Middle School to raise money for CARITAS. The idea of a personal pledge (whereby students and staff are invited to reflect upon their lives and make a pledge to make an active effort to assist others less fortunate) is a cornerstone of the CARITAS tradition and makes a real link with the season of Lent on the Religious Calendar. It would be great if parents could have a discussion with their children about Lent, Project Compassion and about the CARITAS Organisation. If every student and staff member donated even $2.00 we would raise nearly $800.00 alone from this idea.
As part of the Caritas fundraising 9.4 will be having a cup cake, muffin and biscuit stall on March 28, so people can build up to the Caritas Ks and recover from the Athletics day…Please bring some money and support this venture.

Lockers and Laptops
There continues to be an issue with students, particularly in Year 10, not locking their lockers. Unfortunately there has been a couple of issues lately in respect to students having their personal possessions meddled with by others.  In particular we have had some real problems with students not securing their laptops. As of next week, any unsecured laptop will be confiscated and will only be returned to the student when their security is organised, meaning all students having locks on lockers and locking away their laptop during recess, lunch or any other time when their laptop is not being used or supervised. Please get a lock on your locker and use it!!

Aerosol Cans
I have already made a number of requests for students not to use aerosol deodorant cans at school as they cause some students to have allergic reactions. Students are welcome to use ‘roll on’ deodorant sticks but please leave the aerosol at home!

Keith Willett, Middle School Director

DECA Camps begin!

During March, all Year 11 students have the opportunity to develop some valuable driving and road safety skills at Shepparton’s DECA (Driver Education Centre of Australia). The first group of students to go on the camp were from Kirsty Watson’s and Mal Webster’s homerooms. Students enjoyed two days of training, which combined theory and practical learning. Some comments from students:
“I’m feeling more confident and have had the chance to drive both auto and manual cars.”
“Our instructor was great, we learnt defensive driving skills like anticipating hazards on the road.”