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Welcome – Newsletter Issue 1 2022

Dear Families

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022.  In each newsletter I will give an update on aspects of school life through my eyes as Principal. I would like to start by thanking our community for the wonderful welcome I have received from staff, families and importantly, students. To put it simply, it has been sensational.

Each term I will write an extended piece on a theme related to school life which I will also place on my blog

Once again, we start the school our school year under the cloud of COVID-19.  Below is a list of updates which impact the current four-week period up to Friday 25th February 2022.

Rapid Antigen Tests

All students will receive their second set of RAT testing kits on Monday 6th February.  These will be distributed directly to the students on the day to bring home.  If your child/children are away, please ring the front office (5721 6322) to co-ordinate the pick-up of tests.


Mask wearing remains mandatory indoors.  Students have fully supported the wearing of masks and to date, we have only had minimal requests from students to purchase a mask.  Masks are available at the front office for a gold coin donation. All money raised will go to Caritas.


Excursions are currently limited due to the current guidelines, as are visitors on site.  Visitors on site for meetings must be essential to the school’s operations.

It is important for families to note that after 25th February, visitors must show proof of their 3rd vaccination to be onsite for meetings with staff.

Happy Days

Darta – Principal

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2021 Year 12 Results

At the end of an extraordinary two-year period for our graduating Year 12 students, the Principal and staff of Galen Catholic College congratulate all Year 12 students across the 2021 VCE and VCAL courses on their results. Our 2021 Year 12 students have done what no other Year 12 cohort has ever been asked to do: complete their final two years of schooling in the midst of a global pandemic with on-again, off-again online learning and disruptions to all eight school terms over the past two years.

We are very proud to announce that the Dux for Galen Catholic College in 2021 is Archie Gemmill with an ATAR of 97.65 placing him in the top 3% of students in the state. Archie was closely followed by Erin Chadban with 97.5 (also in the top 3 % across the state).

We are particularly proud of the 4 Galen students who achieved ATARs of 90 or above placing them in the top 10% across the state. 16 Galen students achieved Study Scores over 40 in individual subjects placing them in the top 8% of all students across the state in those subjects.

We are also pleased to announce that Galen Year 12 students have once again achieved 100% success rate in attaining their VCAL certificates.

Galen VET students also performed impressively as part of their VCE and VCAL certificates.

Whilst we are naturally proud of and happy for the large number of students who have achieved high scores, we are equally pleased to report that so many students have achieved to the best of their ability and have given themselves the best possible opportunity to move onto their preferred next steps in life whether that be employment, further study or a GAP year.

Galen Principal, Bernard Neal, said that the staff and Galen community are immensely proud of the efforts of the 2021 cohort. “This group faced challenges that no other Year 12 group has ever faced with not one school term in 2020 or 2021 running its full length with onsite classes. They adapted to these unique circumstances and made it through the year with courage and persistence.

“It is really important to note that we are equally proud of all students who put in their best effort regardless of their subject scores and ATARs and regardless of whether they completed their VCE or VCAL. We are proud to have played such a pivotal role in preparing these young people over their final six years of school education and especially so this year.”

Mr Neal also said, “The breadth and flexibility of opportunities available to our students through the 32 VCE subjects undertaken by Galen at school this year, along with VCAL, VET and School Based Apprenticeships, has enabled the senior students at Galen to tailor courses to suit their particular needs and interests, including the ability to combine elements of all four.

“Today’s results will enable the Galen graduates now to step forward with confidence and a sense of achievement that opens new doors into their futures. We wish all the students well on the next stage of their journey – Galen will always be here to help and advise them as needed, and to celebrate their future successes with them. We hope that they will continue to be as proud of their Galen heritage as we are of them.”

We look forward to working just as closely with our 2022 Year 12 cohort over the coming twelve months and helping them achieve their goals in spite of any challenges that might come our way or their way.

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Year 9 Adventure Camp footage

Yet again we headed for our favourite trip of the year, Year 9 Adventure camp at Mount Buffalo. We were so lucky this year as the restrictions just eased, allowing us to take 4 classes up for a few days of outdoor activities. First up, Brigid and Champagnat headed up the mountain. Midweek we had a swap over and Chisholm and Patrick had their turn. What a week it was! The weather was fabolous (at least for the first 4 days) and the students were keen to get into it. Hugh Canning from the Brigid class explains as follows;

“We arrived at school on Monday at half past eight, keen but very tired. We all chucked our bags on the bus then wisely choose our seats.The bus trip took over 2 hours but it felt longer. We arrived at camp around lunchtime and set up our tents and other equipment, we were put in groups from A to D, we then headed off to our first activities. Our first activity was abseiling. Abseiling is a sport or activity of descending a rock face by using a doubled rope coiled round the body and attached to something above you. There were 3 levels, the first at 10 metres, the second at 25 metres and the third (the last one) at 35 metres. Some kids did all three and some only attempted the first, but they all were pushed out of their comfort zone and tried new things. We then carried on to our second activity, crevassing. Crevassing is a lot like caving, where you maneuver your way through tight spaces and cracks in rocks. It was great fun with lots of little challenges. Some people were claustrophobic and were very nervous but they pushed their limits and made their way through it. There was a very skinny and challenging ladder at the end of the activity that most people got up the ladder. We then walked back to camp for our roast dinner (the food at camp was very good). After dinner we got our torches and headed for a night walk around the lake, the walk was long and enough to put us to sleep that night. The next morning we woke up to no hot water due to a student’s 45 minute shower. After breaky (cereal) we headed off for our first activity of the day, canoeing. Mrs Bell was the star of that after a student pushed her off the canoe, luckily she survived the big tumble. In canoeing we played lots of games and some relays, it was very enjoyable. After a nice sandwich for lunch we then hit the rocks for a bit of rock climbing, we had a briefing and were taught how to use the harness’ and were given special shoes, we then headed up to the rock slabs to climb. Some people got all the way up and some only half way but they all pushed themselves. Dinner on the second night was awesome! We had parmas and chips, and we also got to have a warm shower that night. That night we also had a night walk up to the galleries. It was a very enjoyable walk. We had a good night’s sleep and woke up to some rain. After bacon and eggs for breakfast we headed off to our last activity for the camp. Our last activity was team games. Team games was working together as a group and trusting each other, we played a variety of different games and they were all very fun. The bus trip home was a very slow one. We were all very tired and worn out from our adventurous 3 day camp.

Thanks to all the teachers for giving up their time to take us to this camp and a big shout out to Shane for the food!”

As a teacher and fellow camp attendee I have to say that these groups were fantastic. Their behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm contiguous. They were part of making this camp an absolute success. Camaraderie, encouragement and a will to never give up were some of the things that stood out to me. They all need to be commended, not only for their behaviour but also for the willingness to help out, at camp and during clean-up when we got home. For me, it was a joy to see our students, away from computers, being outdoors in what should be described as “a well needed break from COVID”.

Team games




Burstons Crevasse


Galen Alumni – Des shines in Moulin Rouge

The year 12 Theatre class, year 11 Drama class and VET Music class all went to Melbourne November 17th to see the production of Moulin Rouge the Musical. We all had an absolute blast! The show was simply incredible and awe inspiring. Everyone’s highlight was seeing former Galen student Des Flanagan shine on stage as the male lead, Christian. We were even given the chance to meet him after the show and get multiple photos. Watching someone who had attended Galen achieve so much success was incredibly heart-warming for all of the students and staff. Despite getting home at 1:30 in the morning, everyone was still over the moon with excitement over this production. – Fergus McNamara

End of Year Mass and Awards

The 2021 academic year concluded on a high note as we were finally able to gather and celebrate End of Year Mass as a whole college community with parents present too. Mass was a beautiful ceremony and we were grateful to be joined by Fr Shibu who also sang for the audience in his mother tongue to lead into his final blessing, which was respectfully received by students. In Principal Bernard Neal’s final address to the college community he reflected on the way we have ‘weathered the storm’ of the last two years with great resilience. Importantly, he highlighted that we must always have Faith in Our Future and adapt to change. The assembly concluded with a range of awards and acknowledgment certificates presented to Junior and Senior school students. In the words of Mr Neal, we hope that all students and their families “go well” for the holiday break and wish that you all have a safe, holy festive season.

Proud to be Galen!

New Building Works: Stadium Extension & Performing Arts Centre

With a huge amount of thanks to our PE/Health/Outdoor Ed and Performing Arts staff, we now have plans for the Stadium Extension and Performing Arts Centre (PAC) finalised and are ready to commence tender documentation.

Stadium – The Stadium includes refurbishment of the existing stadium, including new foyer, staff office, lift, stairway, toilets, cladding, and mechanical ventilation system. The extension provides for a new court area with retractable seating ensuring that the whole structure will comfortably seat our whole school. Externally the existing maintenance sheds and change rooms will be demolished, opening up this area for passive recreation and outdoor learning spaces, included in the project.

Performing Arts – The PAC includes 3 separate learning areas separated by operable walls:
The rear area is a tiered learning space with AV and projectors included and seats approx 200;
The centre section is floor space with AV and associated fit out to support performing arts curriculum including the stage apron;
The third learning space includes the stage and wing area and also seats approx 200. All of these can be fully opened for performances.  The PAC will also include change rooms, staff study space, foyer area and toilets.
Keep an eye out for more concept drawings to come and find out how you can ‘Sponsor a Chair’ in the new PAC and have a plaque attached to the back of one of the new theatre seats!

Building will commence early next year and will be completed early 2022.

2022 Booklist Information

Edgars Books and News/North East School Supplies of 55 Murphy Street, Wangaratta is Galen Catholic College booklist supplier. The items on the booklist were selected by the school and are stocked by us. Galen recommends that students/parents use Edgars Books and News/North East School Supplies booklist service as the easiest and most effective way to obtain the correct items.

Booklists are also available through the Parent Access Module (PAM). To assist families who are unsure of how to access PAM, Galen has set up two computers in the Senior Library and one of the Library staff will assist parents to navigate their way through the website. If you are familiar with PAM but have lost your password please contact the front desk on 5721 6322.

Parents are requested to submit the Booklist online at by Monday 6th December 2021


Access our website

  • Select your School
  • Enter all relevant student details as provided on the front cover of your booklist (not parent name).
  • Select the book and stationery items you wish to order.
  • Complete the required payment and delivery details. Make sure to choose the appropriate collection or delivery option.
  • Click “Submit your Order

Payments can be made by either Visa or MasterCard via a scure PayPal site.  Special circumstances relating to online payment or pickup will be considered by calling Edgars Books & News/North East School Supplies on 0407 221 861 (between business hours) or email

Please note that electronic books (Digital) can only be ordered online and are non-refundable.

When your student booklist has been processed you will be contacted by phone or SMS to notify you that your school book package if ready to be collected from 46 Murphy Street, Wangaratta

Collection Times from 46 Murphy Street, Wangaratta (Opposite Edgars Books & News)

  • Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
  • Saturday – 9.00pm – 1.00pm                          

If you are ordering online and would prefer the School Package to be delivered there is an option to tick delivery and we will arrange for your School Package to be delivered to your home or work address.  For easy delivery, we recommend using an office address (please include parent name).  If you will be away from home during delivery periods.

Secondhand Textbooks – Sustainable School Shop

Galen Catholic College is delighted to inform you of the school’s new initiative to provide parents/guardians and students with the ability to trade secondhand textbooks via an online Sustainable School Shop website.

Second-hand textbooks will no longer be available through the Second Hand Uniform shop which operates on a Thursday and will continue to support families with uniform only. This new service is available online 24hrs, a very convenient method of buying or selling items.

Please follow the steps below to Register an account:

  1. Visit the website –
  2. Click on Register – enter details to create an account and select Galen Catholic College as your school
  3. Upon Registration you will then receive an email with password to activate your account
  4. Log In – start selling or buying second-hand books
  5. For ease of reference, please see the stocktake of Galen items via this link (updated daily).

The school is providing this free subscription to all our families to access.

If you require assistance, please contact the Sustainable School Shop Helpline on 0438 743 444