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Junior School News

Round 2 of camp was much more successful with wonderful weather. The Year 8 classes on this camp got to enjoy the full experience and represented Galen well throughout all activities.
    Students participated in a liturgy which involved nearly every student in one way or another. The highlight of this liturgy was the setting of the prayer focus with students bringing up items to represent things such as hands to represent team work and candles to represent the light of God. As our sign of peace students presented each other with a sheet of affirmations which also lifted spirits.
    Red faces was quite short this year with only 4 acts. In the end it was the talents of Bec and Tarni from 8.7 who prepared a poem about their homeroom that stole the show. Miss Cudini is still challenging this decision though as she believes her joke about the mushroom walking into a bar was hilarious…Just ask her! The disco was also fairly quiet. Those who did attend were blown away by the talents of Waylon Bortignon who led the dance moves and got everyone involved.
    Students joined in the opening school mass/assembly on Tuesday. At the assembly, SRC and House captains were formerly announced (see page 8 for SRC list). Students who received distinction awards for outstanding achievements in their subjects in semester 2 of 2011 were also acknowledged (turn to page 4 for list of award-winning students).
    On Wednesday, students were reminded about the importance of locking their laptops in their lockers when they are not in their classroom. It was very disappointing for the Junior School Executive to then collect a large number of laptops that had been left out at lunchtime that very same day. A letter was sent home to appropriate students and students were told that next time their computer is left out their admin rights will be revoked.
    Interim reports are due to come home next week. Please take the opportunity to discuss these reports with your student especially if they have received a not yet satisfactory in any of their subjects.
    With the end of the term approaching quickly we encourage students to keep working hard and to finish the term well.

Lauren Lee, Junior School Director

Introducing the Bug Club!

On Wednesday 14th March, a small group of students joined together to form the Galen Catholic College Bug Club. The club is made up of like minded enthusiastic students from Years 7 and 8, with a passion for all things that crawl. The club is a great chance for students to make new friends, to participate in some fun educational activities and to handle some of our classroom critters (including, Spiny Leaf Stick Insects, Rhinoceros Beetles, Katydid and Praying Mantis). The club will meet once a month in the second half of lunch. Students should check their emails regularly for updates. From all the Bug Clubbers, a special thank you to Mrs Leanne Carr, for her invaluable assistance with the first meeting.

Junior School News

The first of the Year 8 Camps left Galen on Wednesday morning headed for Harrietville. With the weather that we had experienced in the lead up to the camp, it was feared that we would have to cancel the group walk. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get through this activity, enjoyed a talk from the ladies at the Alpine Visitors Centre and a visit to Nightingales Apple Orchards.
Once we arrived at the Feathertop Chalet the heavens opened and the rain fell continuously. We managed to get through the activities that were planned and to have a reasonably good night sleep. In the morning it was clear that our outdoor activities would not be possible and the staff quickly scrambled to come up with some alternatives. By mid-morning we received news that the schools in Wangaratta were closing down and that we should start to pack up and get ready to leave. The students were amazed at the amount of water and the change in scenery over night and were very happy to get home safely.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and parents for their understanding and co-operation on Thursday. It was a highly unusual situation but was managed as well as possible. I know that the students were disappointed but they also seemed to understand that the conditions would not allow us to enjoy the experience and it was best to come home.
I would also like to thank the staff who were on the camp for the way they all worked together to make sure that the students, parents and school knew what was going on at all times.
Lauren Lee, Junior School Director

Junior School News

The term is well and truly under way in the Junior School. Year 8 students have been beginning to understand the new technology that has been implemented this year in the form of E-books. Many Year 7 students and their parents attended the first of the information evenings relating to the appropriate use and expectations involving the laptops. Year 8 parents have also been asked to attend a refresher session with their student in the coming week these dates can be confirmed by calling the front office.
    We would like to thank all of the parents who were able to attend the Year 7 open afternoon last week. It was fantastic to see so many of you there and we were glad to hear that your students are settling in well. Please remember that we are happy to hear from you if you have any concerns or if you have any positives that we should be aware of.
    Year 8 students have a big few weeks ahead. On Wednesday 22nd each homeroom will be involved in a seed propagation session with Ray Thomas as part of the regent honeyeater project. The students will then assist with the planting of the seedlings later in the year.
    Don’t forget Year 8 Camp begins on the 29th of February for 8/1, 8/2, 8/5 and 8/6. The second Camp will begin on the 5th of March for 8/3, 8/4 and 8/7. We are all looking forward to the adventures ahead.

 Lauren Lee, Junior School Director

Welcome to Galen!

The Junior School came alive once again on Friday when 196 new Year 7 students arrived for their first day of Secondary School. The students were welcomed by Principal, Mr Bernard Neal and then introduced to staff members who would be assisting them throughout the day. Once the formalities were over, students spent the morning in their homeroom groups getting to know each other and going through important information. During period 3 and 4 the Year 7 students were given their first taste of classes at Galen and then got to spend the afternoon enjoying some time at the Olympic swimming pool. What a great first day at Galen!
On Monday it was time to welcome back the Year 8 students. Everyone looked well rested and ready to take on the challenges of a new school year. The main message for these students was that it it their time to step up and become the leaders of the Junior School, a task they are well equipped to succeed at.     
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome a number of new staff members to Galen College and the Junior School;
Mr Gerard Sullivan who has come to us from Marion College in Myrtleford. Gerard is our new Deputy Principal: Catholic Identity and will be taking a Year 7 class for Religious Education as well as sharing a homeroom with Miss Marisa Cudini.
Miss Irene Apostolopoulos, a graduate teacher from Melbourne. Irene will be teaching Maths and Science in the Junior School as well as being the homeroom teacher of 8/6.
Miss Jacqui Pengelly, a graduate teacher from Wodonga. Jacqui will be teaching Science, Physical Education and Health in the Junior School.
Miss Beth Code, a graduate teacher from Melbourne. Beth will be teaching Music in the Junior School as well as taking some of the students for instrumental music lessons.
Mr Greg Matulich, who has come to us from Melbourne. Greg will be teaching Maths and Science in the Junior School.
Finally, a reminder to parents on how to contact teachers via email:
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Lauren Lee, Junior School Director

Picture: Year 7's in Class
Picture: Year 7's in Class
Picture: Year 7's in the Art Room
Picture: Year 7's in the Art Room
Picture: Year 7 Boys Tennis

Year 7 Boys Tennis

Congratulations to Galen’s 2011 Year 7 boys’ tennis team, (consisting of Matthew Wilson, Sam Harvey, Zac Sullivan, Fletcher Stewart and Harry Condon) who finished third in the state VSSSA competition. The boys ultimately fell short at the last hurdle, when they were beaten in Melbourne by sports high school, Maribrynong College and Glen Waverly Secondary College.

Picture: Year 7 Boys Tennis
Picture: Year 7 Boys Tennis

Thanks to Mr Robert Freyer, grandfather of Matthew for driving the bus, Mrs Deb Stewart for generously providing embroidered caps for all the team (including the coach!), and to the following family members and friends who travelled to Melbourne to support the boys – Robert and Dianne Freyer, Barry and Maree Sullivan, Deb Stewart, Paula Wilson, Beverly Harvey and John Voss.
Congratulations to the boys, who all displayed great sportsmanship during every match they played and who were terrific ambassadors for Galen. I was very proud to be involved with you all.

Michelle Hill

Junior School News

As we approach the finish line of the 2011 academic school year, it amazes me just how much both our Year 7 and Year 8 students have matured and developed into confident young Galen ambassadors. Staff at Galen College feel very privileged to teach such great students.
The Grade 6 Transition camp at 15-mile Creek was a huge success. The students from small rural primary schools really appreciated the chance to meet students from other schools before orientation day. A big thank you to Miss Lauren Lee and Mr Zac Fulford for their outstanding efforts on the overnight camp.
Last Friday 25th November the Junior school SRC had the pleasure of presenting Mrs Rachel Froude (head Junior School Librarian) a set of life-size chess pieces to be used in the Junior School (see right for photo of Blake Nixon 8/4). Business manager Mr Domenic Giannone was also present as he will organize the marking of the chess court.
The Junior School SRC has also been busy organising the Junior School graduation disco. Please note the following details:
Permission forms must be returned ASAP Date: Wednesday 7th December Place: Galen College Auditorium Time: 7:30 – 10:30pm
Admission: $5 if paid by Friday 2nd December, $10 for late payments
We had the final 2011 Junior School inter-homeroom competition last week, which was a very competitive Downball competition. It was a tightly fought contest in year 7 with 7/8 Alex Reid winning the boys competition and Gemma Enever from 7/6 winning the girls. 8/1’s Aaron Taylor won the Year 8 boys downball and Bella Gigliotti from 8/6 won the girls competition.
After a year that has been full of Year 7 and Year 8 competitive inter- homeroom competitions, I have the pleasure of announcing the final ladders of 2011 – Events this year included; Tennis, Spelling Bees, Volleyball, Chess, Netball, Trivia, Maths, Science, Basketball, Readers Cup, Essay writing, Downball and a Talent Quest.
Congratulations to all homerooms and homeroom teachers for supporting the inter-homeroom competition in 2011. The winning homeroom from each year level will have a free pizza lunch on Wednesday 7th December.

Picture: Junior School Down-ball Competition
Picture: Junior School Down-ball Competition

Year 7
7/8 – 95pts
7/3 – 92pts
7/2 – 90pts
7/1 – 90pts
7/6 – 86pts
Year 8
8/6 – 116 pts
8/5 – 105 pts
8/4 – 103 pts
On Thursday 24th November we had some Grade 6 students from Our Lady’s visit Galen in preparation of Orientation Day. It was great to witness Year 7 students assisting Grade 6 students in the science class. Orientation Day has been set for Tuesday 13th December. Information will be mailed to incoming Year 7 students and parents later this week. The booklists will also be in the mail out.
Congratulations to our Year 7 Boys tennis team for making the grand final of the VSSSA State tennis competition. Matthew Wilson, Zac Sullivan, Sam Harvey, Fletcher Stewart and Harry Condon. Mrs. Hill has done a tremendous job coaching these talented boys and is confident that they will play well. The State final will take place this Friday 2nd December. We wish Mrs Hill and the boys good luck.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Junior School students, teachers and parents for contributing to the success of developing our best assets which of course are our students. We are very fortunate to have excellent homeroom teachers in the Junior School and I would like to formally thank them for their efforts all year long. Thank you also to our Year 7 & 8 Coordinators Miss Lauren Lee and Miss Jessica Clarke, for your contributions.
We also wish our year 7 homeroom teachers Mrs. Kylie Fulford and Ms Gretta Norden all the very best over the holiday break, as they are both pregnant and will be expecting in April in 2012. Both teachers will be on maternity leave into Term 1. We can’t wait to have them back after their leave.

Picture: Cows Create Careers Presentation

Cows Create Careers Presentation Day

On the 24th of November, three groups got selected to go to Cows Create Careers program in Wodonga. We left at 9:30 and got there at 10:30. Seven other schools in the North East region participated in the program. During the presentation they talked about the program and how it runs.
We had a quiz and two people from each school had to get up. The Quiz was about Cows Create Careers program and the things we have learnt by participating in the program. Unfortunately we lost the quiz by one point in the finals.
We then had another activity, which was to make a cow and name the four stomachs and the careers pathway in the dairy industry. Once again we missed out by one, and came 2nd.
We then had another activity which was taste testing of dairy products and what their fat content was. Finally we won an activity!
It was time for the final results of the North East Region for our group presentations. Team Oreo from 7.5 came 2nd who was Tayla Ramsay, Elissa White, Gabriel Martinell and Brayden White, they all won itunes vouchers.
Team ‘Cows are awesome’ from 7.1 came a draw in first place with Corryong. In the Team there was Lauren Robins, Tess Keenan, Annie Jordan, Jayden Bear and Douglas Mannnion Hunter. They all got rewarded with $50 each.
Our school was the winner of the North East Regional School. Our school got $500 to go towards the Junior Science department. Overall we would like to thank Miss Nordan and Mrs Murphy for taking us, we had a great day.

Picture: Cows Create Careers Presentation
Picture: Cows Create Careers Presentation

Cycling Success for Thomas

Thomas McDonald from 7/6 raced in the Victorian Country Track Cycling Championship on Sunday in Melbourne. He has been training extremely hard and this paid off as he recorded the fasted time in the individual 2000m pursuit qualifier. When he raced in the field final he rode the race of his life and won the gold, recording the fastest time of the country and metropolitan championships. He will now keep training for the Victorian titles at the end of January. Thomas has also been training with the Under 15 Victorian High Performance Junior Track Squad in Melbourne. Well done Thomas!