Facility Hire at Galen

Protocols for using school facilities after hours

Staff and or Community Groups wishing to utilise the school facilities after hours will need to address the following requirements:

  • Ensure the facility is available by contacting the Galen Administrative team on (03) 5721 6322
  • Complete an ‘Application for Facility Hire’ available from the Galen office or the download link below.
  • Once event has been completed ensure space is free of rubbish, re-set and ensure that all lights, heating/air conditioning has been turned off. This includes the sweeping of the Stadium courts.
  • The facility must be secured. This means alarms set (where applicable) and main gate locked.
  • If an issue arises during the hire, the Property Manager is to be contacted immediately on 0428 812 668.
  • No event can or should take place prior to an application being lodged. Failure to do so could affect future applications.
  • Galen Catholic College reserves the right to terminate the agreement without notice.

Download Application Form for Facility Hire