Final exam for class of 2015

Ryley Pasquali, Tim Feehan, Olivia Storer, Maxi Cappelli, Tom Judd, Kaitlyn Ritchie, Mehret Hill, Elli Warren, Amy Cook and Fergus Samon (not pictured) were all relieved after completing their final VCE Italian exam. Photo: Luke Plummer

Ten Galen students were jumping for joy on Wednesday 18th November as they completed their final VCE exam, on the final day for VCE exams across the state.

Students expressed that it was particularly difficult to remain focused during the last week of the exam period, as many of their peers had already completed all of their exams. However, it was evident that there was a sense of great relief after the group of ten had jumped over their final hurdle for VCE Italian. Shortly after finishing, students discussed plans to celebrate in the evening and were anticipating a well-deserved break away from the books.

The entire Year 12 2015 cohort will gather at Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre on Thursday November 19th for the 2015 Graduation Evening, which will be a memorable occasion for students, parents and teachers who have guided them throughout their secondary years.

Whilst this time of year signals ‘the end’ for many aspects of secondary education, particularly for Year 12s, there is a sense of excitement in the air, as students await their final results on the 14th of December, make plans to engage in further study, work and explore gap year opportunities.

Make sure you look out for the final edition of Reflections (Issue 21) on December 14, in which the 2015 Dux will be announced.