From School Based Apprenticeship, straight to full-time employment

Traditionally, after finishing secondary school, many students take a gap year before embarking on further study at university. However, several Galen students are currently breaking this mould, going straight from the classroom to a career.

While the school to university then employment pathway is an option many students take, it doesn’t suit everyone. Galen prides itself as a place of opportunity, and while the opportunities students have access to while at school are important, so too are the options they have beyond their formal education. At Galen, the School Based Apprenticeship (SBAT) program is providing a fast track for many students to gain local, paid, meaningful employment in their chosen career area. Galen’s progressive VCAL and SBAT programs continue to gain traction and attract growing numbers every year, with 46 students choosing to undertake a School Based Apprenticeship in 2019.

Ella Kent, who has just completed Year 12 VCAL has been doing her School Based Apprenticeship (SBAT) for two years at Nurture One childcare and has now been asked to start full time.

Year 11 VCE student Sam Bettio has just gained a full-time apprenticeship with Hutcheon and Pearce (Agriculture Machinery) through their “Top Gun” program. To be accepted students usually have to complete Year 12, however they were so impressed that Sam had completed an Agriculture SBAT, and a Certificate II in both Engineering and Business, he was granted direct entry.

Through his Certificate III in Agriculture, Tom Davey (Year 11 VCAL) will be working at Cleal Shearing as a full-time employee next year; as a result of his hard work and the vast opportunities that Galen provides.

Along with the success of Ella, Sam and Tom, three other students will be leaving Galen soon to pursue their careers.

Leah Nolan (Year 11) currently has an SBAT in Business and VET course in Beauty at GOTAFE. Leah’s plan to mix business and beauty will help her reach her long-term goal of starting her own business. Next year her plan is to attend GOTAFE full time to complete a Diploma in Beauty.

Bailey Moncrieff (Year 10) has been doing an SBAT in Agriculture Machinery for the past 18 months. He will be leaving to start full-time at the end of the school year.

This year Ashley Spooner (Year 10) did an SBAT in Agriculture. Next year he will be working full-time whilst he completes his Certificate III in Agriculture through Ag Schools.

For more information about School Based Apprenticeships, please contact Mr Peter Girolami, Careers and Further Education Coordinator: