Galen collaborate to help our front line medical staff

Galen student and VEX team member Ryan Falconer sent a message to Maree Timms (Galen’s eLearning and VEX  Coordinator) over the break, “Hey Ms Timms check this out, maybe we can make some”. He had seen a post about making 3D printed face shields and bands for medical workers.

Keen to assist Ryan’s idea, Maree investigated the concept and contacted Dr Cathal O’Connell from Melbourne’s BioFab3D, as he was making the face shields for St Vincent’s Hospital. Dr O’Connell had already had links with the Galen VEX team members as they had visited the BioFab3D lab on a trip to Melbourne.

In the meantime links were made with Northeast Health Staff, via Critical Care Nurse Paul Jones, who floated the idea with the staff at Northeast Health. They were keen to see and test a prototype. After testing the prototypes, they were happy with the prototypes and asked if we could print some more.

In the meantime, Rohan Latimer from Jewellers Coworking also started printing face shields to help other medical facilities in Wangaratta. Brett Ambrosio and Craig Murphy from GOTAFE’s Innovation Hub, were in contact with Rohan and Maree saying they were ready to help out to meet the demand if needed, and put their 3D printers into action.

Fortunately between Jewellers Coworking, Ryan and Galen’s 3D printers, the current demand was met.

Congratulations to Ryan for his initiative!