Galen teachers abroad

“At the heart of the change: a profound learning culture facilitated by technology, space and pedagogy that empowers and engages students”

Quote From “Our Story”. SCIL. N.p., 2016. Web. 24 Sept. 2016.

bernandmareeGalen teachers Maree Timms and Bernadette Albertson flew overseas to Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain and London last Friday 7th October. As part of a two-week study tour, both teachers are currently immersing in innovative teaching practice.

“We are feeling very excited and fortunate to have the opportunity to go on the SCIL (Sydney Centre for Innovative Learning) – Vision Tour 2016.

The tour will look at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Education – with a focus on innovation in learning, spaces and technology, and the learning culture of various schools, museums, community spaces in Finland, Iceland, Netherlands and Spain. We also have a quick stop over in London to meet Prof Becky Parker – who is leading the UK with her innovative Science Programs – particularly in STEM education.

Many of the schools and buildings we are visiting have been re-purposed to create a flexible and modern learning space not only for their students but also their wider community. With Galen currently in the middle of a major building process that will be incorporating the re-purposing of some areas, it will be a valuable experience for us to see these types of spaces in use.

These schools have incorporated technology into their curriculum, pedagogy and culture to increase student engagement and voice, which we are particularly looking forward to finding out more about.

We can’t wait see what we can learn from these visits, and how will it impact us, our learning, our teaching and no doubt the Galen Community in the future.

It is with great excitement we set out on this fabulous experience and thank all at Galen for their support.”

You can follow Maree and Bernadette’s journey at: