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Galen’s ‘Walk for Water’

Congratulations to our Year 7 & 8 students who participated in Galen’s Walk for Water On Monday 21st through to Wednesday 23rd March.

Homeroom groups walked together as a ‘village’ carrying as much water as possible, using containers of various size and structure, whilst taking on this challenge students were provided with character cards that highlighted the physical characteristics and ailments of the people who walk for water for their own survival.

Added thanks to staff who assisted with the Walk for Water and the Social Justice Leaders who volunteered to join the solidarity action, offering to continue the Walk for Water through recess and lunch breaks.

Added congratulations to the following villages (homerooms) that carried the most water, 7.6 (Mrs Annett) with 735 points and 8.3 (Mr Neal and Mrs Albertson) with 775 points.