Hospitality meet outcomes while catering for those in need

On Thursday May 14th, 7 students from the second year Hospitality class (years 11 and 12) prepared 2 dishes each in the VET kitchen to meet outcomes from the ‘Appetisers and Salads’ unit. To meet a second outcome of their course they also needed to prepare food for at least 6 customers.

So that was 12 dishes times 7 students = 84 serves of food.The students were keen to know their food could be enjoyed by someone in need. In partnership with the North East LLEN’s Structured Workplace Learning Coordinator, Shane Crispin we found that need in the Wangaratta Food Bank through the Neighborhood House.

Meals prepared by the students included:
Appetisers: Sausage rolls, arancini balls, empanadas, lamb pasties, mini quiches, and pretzels with pumpkin dip.
Salads: Chicken Caesar salad, Roasted sweet potato salad, Haloumi and pomegranate salad, creamy potato salad, Char-gilled calamari salad and Mediterranean chicken salad.

The students planned each dish, then worked independently with a high level of self-direction and motivation. Their level of care and interest in a high quality, delicious end product was excellent.