Intermediate Girls AFL

On Friday 22nd of June, the Intermediate Girls AFL team travelled to Wodonga Senior Secondary to play in the Upper Hume Competition. The team consisted of Sarah Gehrig, Georgie York, Georgina Samspon, Meg Allan, Heidi Parkinson, Misja Brockoff, Bailey Thwaites, Eliza Moore, Tess Hura, Abbey Wason, Molly Campbell, Sophia McCarthy, Brylee Wilson, Emma O’Keefe, Emily Keys, Kelsie Wilson, Bridie Nolan, Grace Annett, Meg Higs, Isabella Humphreys, Isla Evans, Chloey Shallue, Jess Henry and Emma Allan. The girls played four games, defeating Marian College in their first match 41 – 0, with Sophia, Meg Allan, Georgia and Misja all kicking great goals. In their second match against Catholic College Wodonga both teams were scoreless after the first half, but Meg Allan broke the drought in the second and gave Galen the win 6 – 0. Their third match of the day saw Galen come up against a competitive Wangaratta High School team. Abby Wason kicked our only goal for the half, with Emma O’keefe and Tess working hard in the center it was all tied up at 7-points a-piece at half time. The second half was an arm wrestle, with both sides failing to score. Our defense held strong with Heidi, Isla, Brylee and sister Kelsi working hard. In the dying minutes High School kicked a goal that sealed their win and saw Galen go down 7 -13. Disappointed by their loss, the girls went into their final match against Cathedral College with the realization that they would not be continuing on in the comp. Despite this, the team rallied with captain Sarah showing determination and leadership. Molly Campbell had a great first half dominating the play, her collaboration with Meg Allan had continued through the day and saw Meg kicked the first major. Sophia was strong on the balls and Heidi got a goal, to confirm Galen’s win 16 – 6. Unfortunately, the day came down to Galen and Wang High on the same points, but a head-to-head comparison saw Galen come second overall. Thank-you to our helpers Chloe Robinson and Lochlan Watson, and to our league umpire Declan Lawford. It was a great day ladies, you were a pleasure to coach.