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Junior School

Galen’s Junior School comprises of Years 7-9, where students are nurtured and well-supported as they progress through their early secondary education years.

Galen has a teacher dedicated as the Learning Leader for each year level at Galen. The Learning Leaders work closely with the Head of School for our Junior and Senior areas overseeing and monitoring student progress.

While in Junior School, students undertake a broad range of studies including: Arts (Drama, Music, Art, Visual Communication Design, and Ceramics), English, Health and Physical Education, Languages (Italian and Indonesian), Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education and Technology (Food Technology and Materials & Technology).

This broad range of subject areas ensure a balanced and comprehensive program for students undertaking the early years of their secondary education. Through studying a variety of subjects, students gain the opportunity to develop a range of skills and discover their personal strengths.

Junior School contacts

Junior School Leader
Mrs Kylie Girolami Kylie.Girolami@galen.vic.edu.au

Junior School Administrator
Mrs Mardi Mogford Mardi.Mogford@galen.vic.edu.au

Year 7 Learning Leader
Mr James Toohey James.Toohey@galen.vic.edu.au

Year 8 Learning Leader
Mr Dan Green Daniel.Green@galen.vic.edu.au

Year 9 Learning Leader
Mrs Nicole Nixon Nicole.Nixon@galen.vic.edu.au

Junior School Course Guides