Justice Matters Camp

This year, Hope Plecas, Imogen Kiker and Charley Hall attended the Justice Matters Camp 2019 in Beechworth. The purpose of this camp was to take back what we have learnt to our schools and extend the knowledge out to the community to do our best in preventing injustice within our communities.

We were involved in many activities that made our schedule quite full. We met new students and made a lot of friends from other schools that came from all around the diocese. We were split up into contact groups with students from all the other schools. With our “contact groups” we completed activities and reflections such as ‘Journey to Justice’ which two women named Ngaio and Courtney talked about their experience in the Philippines and what it was like in such a valuable country.

We also participated in an amazing race around the main streets of Beechworth where we looked for Fairtrade, ethical and local products. We participated in workshops which were ‘Cry of the Earth’, ‘Sustainable Foods’ and ‘Human Trafficking’. The Staff taught us important things which we had no idea about and made us more aware of the injustice in the world.

The whole camp overall was filled with information and was interesting to listen to different opinions on certain injustices. We learnt many ways to make things just and right within our schools and communities and will be sure to share the many things we learnt to raise awareness for situations that need more Justice in our Society.

Hope Plecas, Charley Hall and Imogen Kiker