Leadership Team

Darta Hovey

Deputy Principal – Student Development
Patrick Arcuri

Deputy Principal – Learning, Teaching & Innovation
Anthony Batters 

Deputy Principal – Catholic Identity
Jim Samon

Deputy Principal – Community Culture & Engagement
Kate Sleeman 

Director Financial Services
Carolyn Shaw

Senior School Leader
Liz Morrow 

Junior School Leader
Kylie Girolami

Professional Learning Leader
Daniel Armitage

Executive Assistant to the Principal
Tess Barnard

Brett Webber

The best way to contact Galen staff members direct is by email. All staff have email addresses which follow the formula: firstname.surname@galen.vic.edu.au

Advisory Council 

Co-Pastoral Leaders
Fr. Nathan Verallo & Mons. Cris Manongas

Darta Hovey

Director Financial Services
Carolyn Shaw

Parent Representatives
Angelo Pomponio
Jodi Perkins
Chris Harvison
Lauren McCully

Catholic Education Sandhurst Representative
Leonie Irwin 

(current as at January 2024)

Members of the Advisory Council can be contacted via the office.
Phone: 03 5721 6322
email: principal@galen.vic.edu.au