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Medical Forms Online through PAM

Dear Galen Parents/Guardians,

Thank you to all of the parents/guardians who have already completed the online medical form via PAM (Parent Access Module). We have received 420 updated online medical forms.

There are a number of upcoming Galen excursions which will require all online medical forms to be completed. We have many sporting teams competing (cricket, swimming, athletics, tennis), Year 9 Adventure camp, Year 11 & 12 Outdoor Education camp to Phillip Island as well as the Year 11 Retreat.

In order for parents to receive online permission forms via PAM they MUST complete the online medical form.

Please log onto PAM and complete this important task by Monday 26th February. 

Click this link to download a step-by-step instruction sheet that will assist you with completing the online medical form on PAM.

The online medical form will be stored on our secure Galen Catholic College learning management system. Once completed parents will no longer need to complete any other medical form during the year unless there has been any medical changes.

The online medical form on PAM is an easy to use and time saving process. Please have the Medicare number of your child before you commence completing the form as it will not save as completed without the Medicare number.  

Please inform Admin-Enquiry@galen.vic.edu.au or contact the school office on (03) 57216322 if you do not want to complete the online medical form on PAM. You will be required to complete a paper hard copy medical and excursion form for each excursion.

Thank you for your support and contribution towards maintaining accurate and up to date medical and excursion permission forms for your child.

Kind regards,

Pat Arcuri
Deputy Principal – Staff & Students