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Meg Allan accepted into University of Melbourne Girl Power in STEM program

Congratulations to Meg Allan (Year 9) who has been selected as one of 30 students across Victoria, into The University of Melbourne’s Girl Power in STEM Program.

Meg was very excited to receive confirmation that she had been accepted into the program. She will attend a three-day camp at University of Melbourne, and stay in the residences there. Next year Meg will be given the opportunity to do her work experience at the university and in her final VCE years will be mentored by university students. Meg believes that this is a great opportunity, and will support her in achieving her ambition to study science, in particular physiology.

Meg follows in the footsteps of Imogen Quilty (Year 10), who was selected last year. Imogen has been a great support to Meg in sharing her own experiences and providing some wise words of advice before her telephone interview with the University of Melbourne Selection Panel.

“Firstly, some tips for when you’re applying, just try to be yourself, they’re looking for genuine, passionate young girls, who love science/math. Tell them about how much you would benefit from this experience and how there aren’t many opportunities like this in our rural area.”

“The three day camp in Melbourne where you stay on campus at Ormond College was seriously amazing. Also don’t worry about making friends, everyone is in the same boat as you so they’re ready to make friends. The camp is intense but very interesting. They get you to work in groups and you get to do all types of challenges. They also have social events, such as a trivia night and a panel talk.”

This year Imogen has set up her work experience placement with the University of Melbourne Faculty of Science, working with Researchers focused on geology, weather and climate. She will start her placement in two weeks time and is excited to return for a more in depth experience.

We can consider these two young ladies to be extremely lucky, but there is no luck involved. They both strive to do their best and make the most of opportunities presented to them. They are great representatives of the Galen Community.