Night of the Notables Invitation

Dear Discovery Parents and friends,

In Discovery, one of the big events of the semester is Night of the Notables, and we are very excited to say it is upon us.

  • What: Discovery Night of the Notables
  • Where: Junior Building 3 (then moving to Galen Resource Centre for the presentation)
  • When: Tuesday 28th August at 6 pm

Please note: this is a compulsory school event for Discovery students.

The night usually goes for about an hour, with the final people leaving by 8pm.

Students are required to arrive at 5:40pm so they can bring in any last minute props, get into their homeroom groups and be prepared to parade in front the guests.

The students are very excited to be presenting to their family and friends. Please join us for a wonderful evening to celebrate our Night of the Notables.


Elizabeth Holligan
Learning Area Leader – Integrated Studies